holla! :)

i’m the other half!:) clacla/clameryl here. contrary to what my partner (in crime) Enza-chan said, i was not doing something useful such as school stuff a while back. i was actually sleeping. HOHO. that made me feel a little guilty…=P

anyway, as i was saying, hi guys!:) i might also start importing some of my most recent posts from my tumblr too, to fill the blank canvas we see upon our eyes.:3 *tenenenenen*

dang, making introductions are hard.T_T anyway, here are the basics about me: i’m a college student, and i’m uber lazy when it comes to school work. still, some times are hard and i would like to apologize in advance if i won’t be able to post much. there’s no need to worry though, since sometimes i prioritize my anime and blog posts to studying. hoho. i’m a late bloomer when it comes to anime, and i’m trying to make it up by uber-marathoning some series when i have time.

that is all. bow. ciao!X)


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