Durararant!! 01 – Dullalala-haaaan~

I was wrooooooooooooong!!

Yes, it’s Dullalala. NOT DRRR!! NOT Durarara. OR WHUTEVER. Damn! I should’ve thought of that. This anime is, after all, about a headless rider! I feel like having my head run over by that Black Biker. Maybe it’ll help awaken my uber dead braincells.

So yes, my most anticipated anime is finally here. I was so glad that the brave men of [gg] still decided to sub this. I was dreading going after CR subs again T_T Their subs are quite crappy. (I commend them on their work on Gintama though, it’s still funny even if they were the ones who worked on it. Thank gahd they went back to the usual font they use. PINK surely hurt my eyes last episode 189.)

Ohwait, am supposed to rant and ramble about Dullalala here~ Right. So, I’ve said it plenty of times, this is about a Dullahan — a headless horseman as old myth declares. However, in this anime, it’s not a horse the Dullahan rides. It’s a… MOTORCYCLE. Bad-ass, neee~ Looks like she’s female. I saw some hint of hills right there in ‘its’ chest area. Or maybe it was just me imagining things. The Dullahan was wearing black overall tights and the background is always dark so it’s possible am just dreaming of things~

This episode actually focused more on these two guys, Ryugamine Mikado and Kida Masaomi. They’re best buds, chums, BFFs, whatever. They meet after a long time and it’s Mikado’s first time in Ikebukuro. A lot of things occured in this first episode. Mikado’s very lucky to experience/see almost all of the weird things about Ikebukuro. There’s this Russian, African-American scary bloke that’s dressed like a sushi chef (but definitely looks more menacing than a normal one), weird otaku-ish people carrying a Horo promotional stand (Good job, Brains Base, nice PPL), two men in a van that looks very… adult, a flying refrigerator from a man called Heiwajima (what a peace-loving man, Heiwa), and of course… THE BLACK BIKER.

They’re all very awesome. At first I thought that Miyano Mamoru didn’t quite sound like Mamoru Miyano but… I changed my mind after a few more minutes of hearing him talk. He’s still as quirky as ever~ His jokes are lame but gaaaaaahd~ he’s so cute. (His voice, yes, his voice.) The voice behind Mikado isn’t a very familiar name but so far, his portrayal of Mikado as a blundering, shy, from-teh-rural-countryside-person is really good. Very convincing indeed. (SUMIMIMASU FTW! lol) I’m just a little sad and disappointed that I didn’t get to see Shizuo in action. The one Fukuyama Jun is voicing was also not there T_T

Even though they weren’t included in the pilot episode, almost all of the major characters were shown in the kick-ass OP animation. It showed everyone together with names and corresponding colors, it was very fun to watch! The song’s very catchy as well. I can’t wait for teh single to be released!!

The ED on the other hand is a bit light and surely sounds like some easy-listening music. Feels like those songs sung by Crystal Kay but sung by a man instead. The ED animation sequence was very enjoyable to watch though~ It’s like a chain of people. (IT IS A CHAIN OF PEOPLE.) I love the OP moar though ;w; but this is nice too.

So yeah, I AM CERTAINLY WAITING FOR MOAR ACTION. I wish it’s already Friday for a lot of reasons ;w;



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