The Idiot, the Tests, and the Cute Plush-worthy Things.

Very late. But I’ve decided to at least make a post about the anime I watched this week. (Especially the new ones.) First up, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

Title: バカとテストと召喚 Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (The Idiot, the Tests, and the Summoned Beings)
Animation: SILVER LINK
OP Theme: "Perfect-area complete!" by Aso Natsuko
ED Theme: "Baka Go Home (バカ・ゴー・ホーム)" by milktub and BakaTest All Stars

This anime, I warn you, is loaded with cuteness here and there. Except for the main character. I do not find him cute and he isn’t amusing either. He’s just… stupid. The cute things I found in Bakato (I’ll shorten it because it’s effing long) are those they call shoukanjuus. Yup, the summoned beings. They would look good as plushies~ I just wanna place them beside me while asleep and glomp them all around! (whut?) Aside from that, the background looks impressive. It’s all light, pastel colors. It looks like it’s candy and I just want to eat it so badly~~ As I’ve said before, I am a fan of clean art so I really liked how this anime looks like. It’s very plain and simple but definitely good to look at.

The story is a bit weird though. Who’d go to a school like that? If you end up in class F, I mean, won’t you prefer to just go and study somewhere else? The school has a system (more like a caste) which gives the best facilities to those students who perform best at school. Those who are unfortunate enough to score low grades are left at class F and is given a very shabby, dank, disgusting classroom. (It reminds me of Mei-chan no Shitsuji ;w;)

The OP theme didn’t appeal to me that much. What the hell was with that Engrish? I’m okay with Japanese songs using English lyrics as long as they get to pronounce it correctly. Oh hell, wtf, it’s okay, I get enjoyment and amusement from it anyway. Pretend I didn’t say that. It’s very upbeat. Fitting for the animation because it’s meant to be that way. The animation for the OP isn’t that great, nothing too note-worthy in it.

The ED animation, however, sure is something. For an anime that’s supposed to appeal to boys (what with cute, clumsy, moe girls and a tsundere ponytail in the bag), it surely showed some BL service in that ED animation. The song’s very nice as well. It’s rock-ish, punk-ish, whatever that’s kinda fun to listen to. (I noticed I was rocking my head along when I played it. You should listen to it yourself.)

The anime sure showed a lot of cliché characters. I think most anime do have them, it’ll be a surprise if you don’t see an anime character you think you’ve seen before based on its characteristics. The very stale characters are these:

The IDIOT — Oh I HAETHAETHAET him already. He’s nothing but a useless piece of crap. A piece for comedy relief. And its not even making me laugh. [Yoshii Akihisa]

The LAZY — He’s lazy, he doesn’t seem to care, but he’s got the common sense that would prolly let him survive in the streets. He’s one cool dood~ [Sakamoto Yuuji]

The TSUNDERE PONYTAIL — She’s definitely tsundere. I can smell her. (I tried to sharpen my nose to detecting tsunderes because of that PHAIL I had with Beatrice.) She’s very bossy, flat-chested, violent and uses physical force with men but she’s very amiable with women. Typical. [Miharu Shimizu]

The PERV — Gross. 気持ち悪い! Kimochi warui. >.> He tries to get a peek under a girl’s skirt but he dies from the sight of it. What a jerk. [Tsuchiya Kouta]

The TRAP — Ohyes, HE’S DEFINITELY, MOST DEFINITELY, A GUY. He’s like the highlight of this show lol. The fact that Kato Emiri voiced him/her/it also made me like him moar~ [Kinoshita Hideyoshi]

I am looking forward to the next episode. This episode was quite fun to watch. I wish there’s a game with animation like this. Especially the shoukanjuus~ they’re sooooo kawaii~ The battle scenes were so fierce! Fiercely adorable >w<

For some BL service plz watch the ED sequence! Satisfaction guaranteed~ xD

SCREENCAPS ~Click to zoom~


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