No-cup Bra…

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You know, it’s just like no-cook ramen.

I AM NOT MAKING SENSE. /shotbrickedwhutevertehfvckelse

Oright, the second episode of this underwear anime aired yesterday and I just got to watch it today. Looks like this got owned by CR and now I have to rely on crappy rips. I do love HorribleSubs for the trolling and pwning that they’re doing to CR but the quality of the subs that CR provides is anything but great. (Whatever happened to the old crunchyroll, neeeee~ it saddens me.)

Anyway~ this episode, the flat-chested, pig-tailed tsundere (I don’t know their names, demmit) got a bra from her mom. Unfortunately, her mom just had the best timing to give it to her on gym day. Of course, for girls in their puberty stage, wearing something like that is a bit embarrassing. She’s sure to be the talk of the class when they see her wearing such a thing. In the end she decides to wear it before gym class without anyone knowing. Which was, of course, a stupid thing to do. First of all, the bra wasn’t suitable for her body type — as the underwear specialist Nayu declares. Next, there just isn’t enough chest that would hold the bra to her body xDDD (This is my opinion as I myself am flat-chested.)

So what happens? Nayu gets all fired up to help her new-found friend realize that she needs to wear a bra that’s made for her and her physique. She, being the underwear maniac that she is, decides to sew together a hand-made bra for Aoi Pigtails-san. (Sry, I rly don’t know the name and I don’t wanna bother searching for it.)

Everyone’s happy in the end and the idea of an underwear club is dropped by the end of the show. A mysterious blond-haired shounen was also shown. Wonder who that is. He’s going to dominate the harem that’s for shuuuuuur.

MY THOUGHTS: MAJOR WTF. This show’s crazy as hell. I am wondering why am still watching this. Boredom sucks. I suck at story-telling and making synopses too. Ack, fml.

SCREENCAPS for you to enjoy and fap to. lol it’s a joke, c’mon and laugh

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