Yappari, Pin = WIN.

The title of today’s Kimi ni Todoke episode’s supposed to be KURUMI. But Pin just had to steal the stoplight. Oh, I meant, SPOTLIGHT.

I’ve been flooding my followers’ dash with KnT stuff since like 4 hours ago. This episode is pure lurrrrrrv. I adored how stupidly Chizu’s face was drawn. I also admired how cute Ayane is when she’s chibified. Their reactions all throughout this episode were all so adorable I couldn’t help but go "kyaaaaaaa~" every time I see them. Then add Kazehaya making faces and yep, I died. (Good thing I managed to revive myself to write about teh experience.)

There’s also Pin who, as always, stole the spotlight from all those teens that the show should be focused on. He never fails to make me lmao. A very sinful man indeed!

But let’s not forget the person that the episode’s supposed to focus on, Kurumi. She has admitted to her evil deed of spreading rumors about the Happy Three Friends. Her true colors are now exposed, and yet, Sawako still stood by her. Even though Kurumi declared not treating Sawako as a friend even once, Sawako still saw her as a friend who’s like her, in love with Kazehaya. SAWAKO RLY SAID SHE’S IN LOVE WITH KAZEHAYA. RLY.

The episode ended with both Sawako and Kurumi wet with tears and Pin still believing that Kurumi likes him.


MY GAAAAAAAAAAAHD. I can’t believe there’s only 10 more episodes to this anime! I can’t wait for the next episode. The title seems very intriguing… RIVALS indeed!


The screencaps I have been flooding people with doesn’t seem to be enough~ I have plenty moar!


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