He says he’s not uke, he’s…

He’s left-handed.

I feel like ranting before going to work~ I hate how crazy my body clock’s becoming.


The second episode of Bakato was a real blast to watch! There are a lot of like-able things in this anime. I mean, LOOK AT THE ANIMATION! It’s so clean, so smooth~ so… nice! The humor of the show is also kinda good. I hate that voyeur character though. I see no point in him. But he did show some of his awesomeness in that Health (the subject)-based  shoukanjuu battle.

So what exactly happened in this episode… Hm~

The previous episode ended with class A challenging the F class to another ESB. Yuuji is full of confidence that the very elegant class A classroom will be F class’ property soon. He made negotiations with the class A for the ESB. The rules ended up as follows:

  • It will be a battle between the class reps
  • Each class needs to choose 4 more representatives aside from their class rep
  • The battle will consist of 5 rounds, with different subjects each round
  • Class F will have the benefit of choosing the subject for each round
  • The losing class, aside from having their facilities and amenities downgraded, would have to follow an order from the winning class

Everyone was surprised with the weird rules, but the ESB nevertheless pushed through. The TRAP was there as the round girl for the whole battle.

~ It’s the pony-tailed tsundere VERSUS the trap’s twin sister, Kinoshita Yuuko.
~ Subject? MATH. (That’s the only subject that tsundere’s good for. She’s Japanese but she can’t read kanji!?! Not that I can read kanji too T___T)
~ The outcome? Ms. Tsuntsun Deredere LOSES! lol, take that. The trap blood’s stronger, yo!

~ It’s the IDIOT, Akihisa VERSUS megane shoujo, Satou Miho!
~ Subject? Hmmm, it really is a curious thing, what ever the hell would the class idiot be good for?
~ The outcome? Why the hell did he become a representative in the first place… NEXT PLZ!

~ Ze voyeur Tsuchiya Kouta VERSUS Ms. Practical Kudou Aiko
~ Subject: HEALTH.
~ The outcome: After a lot of nosebleeds because of Ms. Practical, Tsuchiya Kouta uses his special skill to beat the shit out of her. He’s actually good for something, neee~

~ Pink princess Himeji-san VERSUS the school’s #2 top student, Kubo Toshimitsu-kun! How’s he related to Kubo Tite, if I may ask?
~ Subject: They didn’t battle using a particular subject. Instead, they used their comprehensive score to find out the winner. The comprehensive score is their overall score in all the subjects that are part of the school’s curriculum.
~ The outcome: The pink princess wouldn’t be a princess if she doesn’t get what she wants. (After all, she’s also the one responsible for those high-def imagination of a shoukanjuu battle.)

~ That cool guy, Sakamoto Yuuji VERSUS the sneaky class A rep, Kirishima Shouko
~ Subject: This battle didn’t come out as a shoukanjuu battle. They had a restricted test on Japanese history instead. The test was a hundred-point, elementary level one.
~ The outcome? Well… this one’s the clincher. If class F wins this battle, the very high-end facilities of class A will be theirs. If they lose, they get a downgrade of facilities and Yuuji has to follow one order from class A’s kaichou.

Yuuji was very confident that if a particular question showed up on the test, Kirishima wouldn’t be able to ace the test. That question indeed came up but in the end… Kirishima got 97. AND YUUJI GOT 53. WAHT THE FFFFFFUUUUUUU!!!


Class F has orange boxes for desks nao.


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