Durararant!! 02 – Of retellings, death, and the importance of life.

Don’t be confused, I’m just trying my hand at being serious. I’m going to fangirl and rant on Durarara!! here~

I know I’m like moar than 3 days late for this rant, but wtf. I go by my own pace. At least, I’m happy and I still rant.

This episode was nothing but a retelling of the first one. This time, it’s not in Mikado’s point of view but instead, a mysterious voice. It’s not really mysterious, it’s just that I don’t know whose voice is doing the narrating. Anyway, the narrator tells the story of this girl who was kidnapped and manipulated by the oh-so-amazing Izaya-sama.

I love how this episode started. Along with the OP, there were some bits of flashbacks here and there. It was fun to watch. I mean, that alone encourages you to watch the OP in full together with the anime episode itself, but at the same time, the song’s really LSS-worthy too. (ASAHI WA NOBORU!! YEAAAAAAH~)

Aside from the focus of the story, the girl who’s got brown pigtails, the ep also showed Mikado’s first day in school. It was quite a sight, watching Mikado and then Kida introducing themselves. Kida’s such a kid (whoa that kinda fits huh) and he just loves himself very much! He also seems to be a sinful man too, much like Pin.

There’s also this guy, Seiji, who comes to the first day of class veryveryvery late and then just introduces himself, says "Hi, hello everyone! Kthxbye!" or something along the same lines. He says he’s not coming back to school. WTF is wrong with him? And then I remembered the OP, and the girl that Mikado and Kida bumped into in the previous episode. THERE IS A CONNECTION!

Waitwaitwait, back to the focus of the episode. The story goes all the way back to how the girl became Magenta-san. She just received a mysterious letter in the mail and it contained photos of her dad with another woman. She then grew depressed and felt like everything around her was just make believe. (This IS A HEAVY topic to discuss in anime, it’s real, it can happen, IT HAPPENS.) She then decided to send the same letter to her mom, but nothing changed. Then the person she was opening herself to, a person named Nakura-san, encouraged her to commit suicide together. Why is this such a fad, would you want to die with someone simply because you’re depressed? If you want to die, just do it yourself. AND DON’T INCLUDE IZAYA-SAMA, bitch. But she ends up getting kidnapped by thugs and saved by the Black Biker. The Black Biker then takes her someplace (as a deliverer) and tells her to go the rooftop.

Obtw, the Black Biker IS TOGETHER WITH SHINRA!? She lives in Shinra’s lair!? What’s this outrageousnesssss!?

Going back, turns out that it was Izaya-sama who was in touch with her, just watching her reactions and toying with her human tendencies. I don’t know if I should like him or not because of this but he is IZAYA-SAMA so I forgive him. His monologue was the reason why I was having fangirlgasms so early last Saturday morning (around 1 am). I can’t put his awesomeness in words, but it looks like he’s some kind of rouge philosopher who’s more inclined to evil ways just the way I like it.

The girl, whose hair was black and simple then turned brown and curled (for the sake of Nakura-san I think), ended up jumping off the building after Izaya depressed her even more. But the Black Biker saved her again with her… very shadowy shadow powers and told her: THE WORLD ISN’T AS CRUEL AS YOU TAKE IT TO BE. That was quote of the week for me, rly.

I am looking forward to next Friday’s episode. Only 4 moar days left~


Oh! How could I forget! OnoD was also awesome in that last episode. Seeing Heiwajima throw that vending machine was epic! (and worth fangirling to as well). MOAR HEIWAJIMA NXTWK PLZ~


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