Durararant!! 03 – Russian Sushi wa Oishii yo!

This post (and the rant posts on Durarara!! following this) would be called Durararant starting today. Oh yes. Don’t mess with me ‘cuz I have teh Shizu-chan with me yo.

Last week’s (last Friday’s) episode was really, really entertaining. In a lot of ways. There’s more smexy characters exposure now which made me go yayayayayayay~ all the whole episode. First there was the Izaya goodness in episode 2 and nao we have Shizu-chan ♥ Ohmyohmy, this anime definitely IS THE BEST Winter season anime. I am delighted to find out that it’s going to be 24 episodes long too~ Hooray!

In this episode, it’s Simon who’s doing the narration. I just realized that the one doing the narration in the first episode was Mikado and then in the second episode it was Magenta-san. (I forgot her real name, sry.) It looks like there will be different narrators for every episode and the story will be told from their point of view. Sounds fun to watch, yes?

Simon spoke with some Russian foreigners at the start of this episode. I was so amazed! RUSSIAN! Seikon no Qwaser also got Sasha who speaks Russian but somehow, Simon’s Russian sounds more kick-ass to me. Even though he’s definitely less war-freak and violent than Sasha. I wonder how Russian sushi tastes like though. Is it sushi that uses vodka instead of vinegar to hold it together? Or maybe the dip’s got vodka in it together with the wasabi? Hmmm. It’s a puzzle~

Actually, the highlightS of this episode are 1.) Simon speaking Russian; 2.) Izaya finding a new hobby; AAAAAAND last but not the least, 3.) Shizu-chan punching some random fake Dollars guy.

WHY? Let me tell you.

Look at that stomping action!!!

He sure looks like he’s enjoying this. Me too, actually ♥

Izaya-sama is a very GREAAAAAAAAT person. He’s like a philosopher, a person who treats himself as not human, only a mere observer of how interesting humans are. (At least that’s how I view him as.) But he’s also equally interesting when you look at him. He’s also human after all. So his crazy antics are really worth watching. His hobby in this episode? Stomping on a ganguro girl’s cell phone. While laughing hysterically. Like a madman. The scene was very gif-worthy. However, I, being the mere un-IT-educated human that I am can’t make gifs T.T I decided to play it on loop on my player though >w<

Then there’s violence personified, Shizu-chan ♥ I really, really like Izaya-sama’s petname for him. Even though he doesn’t like it at all, I think it really suits him~ Shizu-chan, kyaaaaaa~n. AH, right. Him punching some random ‘Dollars’ guy really got me. He’s so powerful that when he punched the guy, the guy went flying, with all of his clothes flying off of his body as well. Major LOL moment~ xDDD gif-worthy too!

That’s it for the main points of this episode~ There are also other scenes (and lines) that really caught my attention but not as much as those three. There’s Yagiri Seiji and his search for his love. Then there’s Mikado’s eye-to-eye, then later hand-in-hand contact with Anri-chan. Simon coming from the top of the building to catch Shizu-chan’s flying vending machine was also very note-worthy! Lovelovelove Kida’s Tamaki-like soliloquies as well~ ♥

Definitely watching episode 4 this Friday! I am very excited about it~ YOU SHOULD WATCH IT TOO ELSE YOU’LL END UP LIKE THIS:


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