Series: The School Council’s Discretion

Seitokai no Ichizon 生徒会の一存
Aired: Oct 2, 2009 to Dec 18, 2009
Number of Episodes: 12
Producer: Studio DEEN

Yup. The Student Council’s Discretion. To be specific, the Heikyou Gakuen Student Council’s Discretion. This show reminded me a lot of Lucky Star. Maybe because both are parody, comic, and are slice-of-life anime. So how’s it different? Well, for one, Seizon’s (I’ma call it Seizon from here on, because I’m lazy like that) got this creepy guy who wants all the girls of the Student Council to be part of his harem. Disgusting? Nuwp, not really. I actually liked the guy since he’s very true to himself.

When I first watched it, I thought it was a totally random show but it actually HAS a plot. It eventually showed some sense after a few episodes but the random comic acts were still there. (And were still very effective, mind you.)

As a parody series of course, cross-referencing to other famous anime HAS TO BE there. There was Fullmetal Alchemist, Suzumiya Haruhi, and a lot more. It felt a bit of a test to recognize what anime they were referring to. Speaking of cross-referencing, I got this from pixiv, a really nice cross-over of Seizon and K-ON! I am lol-ing nao because they both end with ON xD

Right, back on topic~

Let’s get to know the characters here. We’ve got four girls (harem, yo, harem!) and a guy (I SAID, HARRRRRREM.) and they’re all part of the student council. Exactly how are the student council members chosen? How come there’re four girls and only one guy? Well, apparently, they are chosen via a popularity poll (thus explaining the four girls) and there’s one specially reserved blue seat to be given to the person with the highest grade/ranking/whatevers in the whole year level. The guy (as revealed) actually worked hard for that because, as I’ve been saying, he wanted a harem.

The Seitokaichou or just kaichou. Her name’s Sakurano Kurimu (Cream of Cherry Blossoms, anyone?) and she’s just the moe-iest creature ever. /sarcasm. She doesn’t exactly look like she’s already in high school, and she actually doesn’t really act like one. She’s got teeth for sweets and is the most worthy (again, /sarcasm) student council president EVARRR. Oh btw, she’s usually called Aka-chan because of her child-like behavior. (Aka-chan is a term of endearment to babies in Japan.)

Then there’s the secretary, Akaba Chizuru. She’s really S through and through. She likes to bring people under her spell. (She even says it has to be exercised everyday.) She also seems to be the most mature of the group. She’s got yuri tendencies as displayed by her constant ‘molestation’ of Kurimu-chan.

Shiina Minatsu is the vice-president of the Seitokai. She usually has her hair up in pigtails and in one episode where she had her hair down, Ken wasn’t able to recognize her! She’s like the jock of the group but she’s -weirdly enough- good in Math. She’s also very protective of her sister whenever the hentai-otoko of the group makes a move on Mafuyu.

Addicted to video games and BL (whoa, like me!) and also a bit shy around the men is Minatsu’s sister, Shiina Mafuyu. Those three things basically describes her whole being. She’s not friends with anyone in her school except the Seitokai but she’s got plenty of friends in the online games that she plays. (*ehermKONATAeherm*) She also is a BL-fanatic and she even writes stories about Ken and this Nakameguro-kun. (I heard her say Junjou Romantica too! Lurrrrrrv her character!)

And finally, the center of teh haremz: Sugisaki Ken. He’s also called Ki/Key-kun by Chizuru. Most of the quotes that Aka-chan uses as a starter in their meetings does not apply to him. He’s addicted to H-games and is very perverted. However, I have this *tiiiiiiiiiiiny* appreciation of his character whenever he gets serious. Oh, and he does all the real work in the student council. I find his voice nice to listen to as well. It would’ve been better if it was Tomokazu Sugita or OnoD though ;w;

So, am I recommending this or not? Honestly, I’ve got nothing against it. I had fun while watching the series (albeit I watched it sparingly. Not really a marathon.) and I really laughed at certain moments. It was also unique because it’s got different ED themes. (The ED sequence was the same everytime though.) If I was to choose between this and Lucky Star, I’d go for Lucky Star still. But this one’s got me too because it’s got a guy~ ^^ GO WATCH IT AND SEE FER YERSELF~

I always link to the pixiv source, just click on the pictures~


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