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February anime status

My second ever anime stat post since this thing was put up. Have a read if you’re bored. If not, well… nuninuninu ♫♪♬ Advertisements

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Durara-rabu♥: The Mystery of the Bartender Outfit

is finally solved! why does Shizuo always wear a bartender outfit? isn’t he already fired from his bartending job? does he love his bartending job that much? does he miss it sooo much that he decided to wear his bartending … Continue reading

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Kuroshitsuji Chapter 42 :]

here comes my monthly Kuroshitsuji manga rant… ta-daa!♥ so, last chapter featured Sebby’s death and Ciel’s uber dramatic scene, right? this chapter does not start off immediately where the last chapter ended. instead, it shows Prince Soma and Agni first, … Continue reading

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Durararant!! 07 – Shizu-rrific!

Time for some Durararant!! Because episode 7 was simply Shizu-rrific! ♥ WARNING: Contains rabid, unrestrained fangirling. I was possessed while I was typing ;A;

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of killer bunnies and SAW tendencies

Doubt (TONOGAI YOSHIKI) okay. i admit it. i got influenced by nightlab‘s posts which mentioned this series, and immediately decided to read it.=P i also got encouraged since it was also shown in Durarara!! (i act as if i have … Continue reading

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