Durararant!! 04 – Osoi naaaa~

This is a very late Durararant. Please ignore. Unless you really wanna read it. (Which I know you don’t, oh yes.)

Yup, I’m *AGAIN* several days late in posting my episodal Durararant. I mean, who cares about this anyway? It’s for self-gratification in teh first place so I don’t think it’s important whether I post it really early or really late. If I don’t post anything, I think it’d fine too. However, I wish to post something like this because I wish to. Yeah, I’m great like that.

Saaatte, Durararant~ Hajimaruzeeee!

Durarara!! has been running for a month nao~ 4th episode was awesome and didn’t disappoint. Albeit it’s all talk and such, I mean no flying vending machines, no knife-wielding smexy guy in a jacket with fur on teh hood, no black Russian guy coming from the sky. See? No action. BUT STILL, the lack of Izaya-kyun, violent Shizu-chan, and sushi-delivering Simon is not really that much of a loss if you get to see a crazy underworld doctor and a Dullahan living together.

Yip, that’s right. The focus of last week’s Durarara!! was Celty Sturluson, the Black Rider, and Kishitani Shinra, the smexy megane-otoko in a labcoat.

The episode started off with with Shinra narrating while filming some sort of documentary about the Black Rider. It makes you think like he doesn’t know Celty personally. But it’s eventually revealed that they share the same house and that they actually have a history.

Shinra’s age was also mentioned (He’s only 24! ♥) and it was also let out that his first encounter with the Dullahan was when he was still a cute little child. (The sight of Shinra as a child made me realize I have some shota/pedo tendencies. Ohnoes.)

It looks like Shinra’s got feelings for our resident Irish headless faerie but Celty’s more bent on finding her lost head and I think is too focused to even notice that Shinra’s got a thing for her. Still, I love seeing how Shinra gets all talkative when he’s with Celty. They look so good together.

There was a slight Shizu-chan appearance in this episode. It was a surprise seeing him calm (without flying heavy objects in the background) and it was also surprising to find out that he’s on casual terms with Celty. Izaya-kun also got a brief appearance but he’s his usual playful self. Flirting around with Celty like that, tch, you’ll be dissected by Shinra if he finds out!

The next episode looks like it’s going to be narrated by the cutecutecute Kida Masaomi. I’m expecting a lot of quirkiness this Friday~ Don’t you just love him when he does his soliloquies? ♥


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