January anime status

January’s over! That means… time to do some anime stat update~

This idea is NOT original. I got this from my inspiration in anime blogging, kanzeon from metanorn. She does this monthly and I really idolize her so yeah, I’m gonna try a shot at this kinda thing. I hope I pull it off nicely.

So here are the anime (ongoing) that I’m watching:

  • Gintama (from Spring ’06)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (from Spring ’09)
  • Kimi ni Todoke (from Fall ’09)
  • Chu-bra!! (Winter ’09-’10)
  • So Ra No Wo To (Winter ’09-’10)
  • Ladies vs Butlers (Winter ’09-’10)
  • Omamori Himari (Winter ’09-’10)
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (Winter ’09-’10)
  • Durarara!! (Winter ’09-’10)
  • Ookamikakushi (Winter ’09-’10)
  • Seikon no Qwaser (Winter ’09-’10)
  • Nodame Cantabile Finale (Winter ’09-’10)
  • Katanagatari (Winter ’09-’10)

As you can see I’m only watching a few titles since I only started really watching ongoing series with Fullmetal Alchemist. As for Gintama, I marathon-ed 3 and a half year’s worth of episodes before I finally caught up with the latest episode. I also didn’t watch a lot of Fall anime and I still haven’t caught up with those stuff because I rarely do marathons now. (There’s just not enough time. I wish I can make being otaku my profession ;w;)

But back on track, lemme briefly talk about what am watching these days via a countdown~

13. Ladies versus Butlers
LE FUCK. I think I’d rather die than come to like this series. Blatant fanservicing coupled with unneeded uncensored breast exposure = MEEEEEEEEH. Yes, it’s that bad. But if you like boobs, well, that’s a different story. I like boobs but I don’t like pointless anime like that.

12. Ookamikakushi
Srsly, this anime is going nowhere. It’ll just keep you guessing without even feeding you some hints and clues. The pace of the story sucks bigtime. I think it would be better to wait for crows to turn white than wait for this anime’s plot to progress.

11. Omamori Himari
This is exactly like Ladies vs Butlers, pointless skinship and oppai/pantsu exposure mixed with the typical harem formula. It’s a very bland anime. I’ve been hearing people say that the manga is definitely better but am not feeling that encouraged to even go check it out.

10. So Ra No Wo To
I had high hopes for this. I really did. After watching a few episodes and seeing no clear storyline plus countless K-ON! (and other anime) parallels, I got tired of it. The only thing that’s good about it is its OP theme.

9. Chu-bra!!
Lots of pantsu flashes and a really weird premise. Not really very commendable but certainly more bearable than the four titles above.

8. Seikon no Qwaser
I’ve read the manga and I was looking forward to how they’d pull off the breast-sucking fanservice that they offer. I was very much disappointed because of the stupid censorship bull for the TV broadcast. Upon seeing the uncut version, I got a bit happier but still not satisfied because I see it as another way to boost anime DVD sales.

7. Katanagatari
One of my highly anticipated anime ever since the titles for Winter ’09-’10 got leaked. I was a bit let down (and at the same time got amazed) over the fact that it’ll be airing monthly and not weekly. When I got the chance to see the first episode, it was all talk and yadayadayada but with Yasuri Shichika’s pickup lines, I couldn’t help but get caught by the sweet bait. Art’s also real good.

6. Nodame Cantabile Finale
Three episodes into the series and I’m already of the opinion that the anime’s moving slow. If this really is the final series for this franchise, they better make it good. Why it’s number 6 is because I almost cried a few times while watching Chiaki-sempai’s actions towards Nodame. (He’s already strike two, he better make it up to Nodame or else.)

5. Gintama

This is the anime of the decade for me ♥ I have my own biases and this is definitely one. The new ED that made me teary-eyed and the funny and touching Kabuki-chou Neko Blues arc were enough to make me love this month’s Gintama. I am sad that Gintama looks like it’s really ending this April tho. I am *still* hoping that it won’t.

4. Kimi ni Todoke

This could’ve made it to the top 3 for January but the 16th BLEARGH episode kinda dragged it down one notch. I mean, what was that useless recap episode for? And it was with freakin’ tiny ojii-sans for cryin out loud! I loved the Kurumi-and-Sawako-become-rivals arc tho ♥ The story better end well, Production I.G. You’ve only got 8 episodes to burn.

3. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

What can I say, I got hooked! I wasn’t that drawn in with the synopsis going around before the series started but when it came out and I checked out the first episode, I immediately fell in love with it. The art, the characters (cliche, yes, but they pulled it off real well!), and the ED theme! BL!! This is one good shit, rly.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The story’s heating up! The new OP and ED are both wonderful too! The development that this anime showed for the month of January was awesome. Kimbley in all-white is pure love ♥ The revelation of Otou-sama’s roots and who Hoenheim was before. Then the recent unveiling of the secrets behind Scar’s brother’s research. It keeps on blowing me away. (Add Edward’s very spine-chilling use of his own soul as a Philosopher’s stone and it’s simply WOOOOOOOOOW.)

1. Durarara!!

I wouldn’t make episode rants of this anime if I didn’t love it like crazy. Awesome OP and ED songs, nice art, really fantastic seiyuu cast, uber smexy male characters that are all lovable… What more can I ask for! (Plus the ship-ability of Izaya-kyun and Shizu-chan soshite Mikado and Kida, GAHD, a BL-loving girl like me can die happy!!)

Overall, there isn’t a lot a lot of fun for January, ne? Good thing the top 5 anime for this month makes up for the other lack-luster Winter anime. I’m hoping for a better February, anime-wise.

The fanart I used up there ↑ came from pixiv (as usual). Here’s the artist’s profile.


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