Durararant!! 05 – Even Sparkly Princes Have Got Secrets Too YOU KNOW!

This is Durararant 05. Early, yessss. Read at your own risk.

This is very unusual of me to write my weekly Durararant a bit early. I mean, the episode just aired yesterday and yet. To be honest, I’m not that motivated to write at all (someone please give me inspiration!) but I noticed that I haven’t posted anything decent in quite some time. I’m feeling a tad bit ashamed that my blogging desires are ebbing away bit by bit. I need to keep myself interested! And to keep myself focused! But this is not a journal post so I won’t rant longer~

YES! Episode 5! It’s Kida Masaomi doing the narration this time. Mamoru Miyano is one of the seiyuus that I reallyreallyreally like ♥ It was a pleasure to listen to him act a bit Tamaki-ish in here.

So, the question arises: WHY THE TITLE?

Lemme expound a bit on it.

To me, Kida is reminiscent of Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. He is a baka-ouji through and through. His bubbly personality, his lines, his being a playboy. Almost everything. But just like Tamaki, he’s got secrets of his own too. A dark secret.


He’s very caring of Mikado~ He’s such a good friend. I didn’t understand much (about his dark past) from the story but I think it has something to do with all those color-coded gangs and Izaya. (This is good fanfic-material. Think: something Izaya did that tainted Mikado and marked him forever. AHHH! My brain!) Another OTP in the making~ Nuninuninu♬♪♫

My wild imaginations aside, it looks like the scarred-around-the-neck girl and Yagiri are eloping. She sure looks like the girl that Anri was talking about with Mikado and Kida but I can’t be too sure. Two new girls also made an appearance in this episode, one of them sick (as in in the hospital kind of sick) and the other one’s also sick (like a creepy kind of sick).

A new character on the run, wreaking havoc on the streets also made an appearance. She/He/It even made stabbed Celty in the arm. The wound (according to Celty) called her, whispered to her, that she’s a bakemono. It was very fun to watch Celty panic thinking that it’s the work of aliens. (I mean, A DULLAHAN TALKING OF ALIENS? Isn’t that weird!?)

This episode sure posed a lot of questions. But for me, the biggest question of all is: WHY AREN’T THERE MOAR IZAYA-SAMA AND SHIZU-CHAN EXPOSURES!?! WHYYYYY!?!


Oh, Dota-chin’s narrating next episode. Interesting ♥

To hell with the hentai sensei -__-;; Why’re you ogling at Anri’s thingamajigs!?


Creepy spammer is CREEPY, yo.

And WTF is THIS!?! Kida, explain yourself!

~ おわり ~


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