A Late Watch is LATE. (Darker than Black’s 26th Episode)

No, am not talking about watch as in the noun, it’s WATCH, ze verb! Because I am 2 years late in watching Darker than Black’s so-called "26th episode".

I can’t imagine I didn’t watch this the first time I came across this series (which was only last year, mind you). I wasn’t really aware that there was a ‘special’ such as this that was released together with the anime’s DVD. TWO YEARS AGO. Well, it’s not like I was this addicted to anime when this aired. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that I watched it. PERIOD.

So on to the show itself~

It was weird for an extra episode. Didn’t follow much on the plot. I mean, if it’s supposed to be episode 26, it should’ve followed where the story ended on episode 25, right? But oh no, IT DIDN’T. I have no idea where in the entire DtB timeline this thing occurred, and I won’t (and you shouldn’t) bother thinking much about it. (You’ll get nowhere.)

The story?

There’s a *story* of a contractor who died under a cherry blossom tree and that deep under that same tree he buried a secret. Some guys are after what that is and so is The Syndicate. They send out Hei to do some dirty job (digging up dirt, don’t think of anything else ‘kay) but since some other groups are also after the ‘goods’ a bit of a scuffle ensued. (I personally like the part where Hei looks like he’s Batman, levitating off the floor via a thin nylon string ♥)

Another girl fell in love with Hei in this episode, one of them obsessive fangirls (like me!) who like to write. She’s famous on the net particularly among fans of an anime called ‘Bara no Maurice’. Of course there is no such anime in real life but it sure does remind me of the Zuka-bu from Ouran. For no reason of course. She got involved in the scuffle because the flying ‘goods’ dropped on her and so she got in contact with the contractor-who-tells-the-truth-because-of-his-remuneration-who’s-naked-btw. Since he can’t keep his mouth shut properly because of his obeisance, the girl (I forgot her name) ended up memorizing the password/number code from imprinted on the ‘goods’. Thus the guy wants her dead but Hei comes to the rescue.

One thing that the girl thought through all of that was: my hero’s got yummy collarbones. I would have to agree tho. He does have yummy collarbones ♥ I want to try omnomnom-ing it some time.

Here’re a few screencaps with *hopefully witty* comments by moi:

Hi there, fellow otaku!

That’s Yin being sucked into the Bara no Maurice fandom by Pink-chan.

I’ve always wanted to go sakura-watching ♥ I’m just wondering tho, is it a requirement for the mat to be ALWAYS aqua blue? Or that’s just the animators getting lazy?


Hei says: Kitaaaaaaaaa~!! I’ve found the treasure! You just can’t see his expression behind the mask, but he’s veryvery happy, I tell you.

Yon-roku-kyuu-nana-roku-san-go. (Because I can’t think of anything witty.)

The girl is very strategically placed to provide a no-mosaic censorship.

That’s the yummy collarbones I’m talking about!



Hei’s reaction says: I’m… I’m… gay?

Aww, poor guy, he wasn’t able to confess in the end~ D’awwww~

THE END! (Because I’ve ran out of those creative juices -.-)


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