of killer bunnies and SAW tendencies

Where my fluffy bunnies at?


okay. i admit it. i got influenced by nightlab‘s posts which mentioned this series, and immediately decided to read it.=P i also got encouraged since it was also shown in Durarara!! (i act as if i have no exam. HAHA.) i just thought, oh, what should loveless people do on the night Valentines Day? what else? READ MORBID STUFF! indulge self in all that gore. this should make all the bitterness fly away.♥

i just finished two volumes, and am waiting for the third volume to finish downloading. gah, why is our internet so slow? i still have to wait for three quarters of the file.(=3=)

anyway, about the “SAW tendencies” phrase: this series is mainly about a game, and yes, just like SAW, you are playing for your life. you wake up in a weird room, having no recollection how you got there, and… and… i can’t think of any other similarities they have. i didn’t really watch any SAW movies.=P they’re just too morbid and gruesome for me. hihi. (imagine, i only heard, take note: heard some scenes, and i already felt like puking.)

this story is about six people who met up in person after getting acquainted through a multi-player cellphone game called Rabbit Doubt. the game’s objective is this: “find the lying wolf.” they were to play as rabbits, where one of them isn’t really a rabbit, but a wolf in disguise. the objective is to find the wolf before the wolf could kill all of them. reminds me of the game killer-killer, the version where you have a facilitator. anyway, they met, had fun…

and found themselves inside a decrepit old building, each of them with a bar code. (Battle Royale, anyone?=P) it is then derived that, they must find the wolf before they all get killed… for real.

anything said further than this is already a spoiler,so i’ll stop for now.:X

i absolutely have no idea who the wolf is at this point. my detective skills are at a full time low since it’s been long since i’ve watched any detective stuff. hehe. the blood-spattered rooms, especially the hospital room, are kind of getting to me.O_O


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