Durararant!! 07 – Shizu-rrific!

Time for some Durararant!! Because episode 7 was simply Shizu-rrific! ♥

WARNING: Contains rabid, unrestrained fangirling. I was possessed while I was typing ;A;

I know I didn’t do episode 6, but wtf, that was just Dotachin and I know he wouldn’t get hurt if his narration gets skipped, yes? Well, it was pretty much a shocking surprise to find out that those guys were members of THE Dollars.

I’ve also started reading the manga and the light novels via online sources and I’m getting some information/spoilers overload and my brain couldn’t handle it all. I decided to take a rest on that. The fanarts I’ve been seeing recently also reeked of spoilers but I’m pretty much in love with my OTP for the season so I dun’t really care xD

ANYWAAAAAAY~ On to the amazing episode we had for this week, freshly aired yesterday: Bad-ass MAN.

YESYESYES. Shizu-chan in the house yo! He’s gunna break whatever it is he’s holding, stomp on it until it’s crushed, man, whatever the hell it is: a lollipop, his pencil, or a cigarette. Then he’s gunna throw anything within an arm’s range – he doesn’t effing care whether it’s effing screwed to the ground, whether it effing weighs 10, 20, 100 times more than he does – he’s gunna effing throw it right at you. RIGHT AT YOUR FACE, TO YOUR FACE! THAT’S THE BAD-ASS MAN. WHO EVER THE HELL CAN BEAT THAT!?!

This is a very Shizu-centric episode and you better bear with it. You’ll enjoy it immensely anyway because Shizu-chan is hotttt like that, and GARRRtastic like that. WHO EVER THE HELL CAN PULL OFF BEING SEXY IN A BARTENDER SUIT AND PURPLE SUNGLASSES!?

If you don’t know who Heiwajima Shizuo is, you don’t live in ‘bukuro. You don’t know anything and you prolly came from a public school. That’s how bad-ass famous he is in that town, yo.

You prolly didn’t know this too but Shizu-chan’s got a bro and a fine splendid bro he does have! A FRAKKING IDOL YO! He’s the only one who can calm Shizuo with MILK! WITH MILK! And he’s got the looks and he’s got a pseudonym to hide his Heiwajima name. He’ll prolly be kicked out of the industry if they found out he’s Shizu-chan’s otouto. That’s HEIWAJIMA KASUKA YO!

He also came from Raira Gakuen, he’s that effing good. He can get run over by a truck and he’ll still live to remove a door from the Shinra residence and threaten Izaya with it. And while that’s all happening all the Dullahan can ever do is make those “maa, maa~” hand gestures. HE’S MADE OF SO MUCH GARRRRR EVEN A DULLAHAN CAN’T STOP HIS RAEG.

He chases after Izaya like a dog chases after a cat chases after a mouse chasing a man with some cheese out of his pocket trying to chase a dog chasing a cat which – EFF! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! IT’S LIEK A NEVER-ENDING CYCLE. That’s how vehement his feelings for Izaya are. That’s even more reason to fangirl over them and make them the OTP of the season. TO HELL WITH GENDER BOUNDARIES, BL FTW! (I won’t mind if Shinra decides to join in on the fun too, that’s even better! But I know he has Celty so it’s okay if he doesn’t join in too.)

OMG. I didn’t know I ranted like a rabid rabies-infected person in there. But basically that’s what episode 7 was about. It’s SHIZU, SHIZU, SHIZU, SHIZU, SHIZU, and MOARRRRR SHIZU. Excuse my fangirling tendencies but he’s my ultimate bias in Durarara!! so… yeah. And I love him much because he hates violence. Oh yes, he does.

Oh and Celty’s narrating next week… A headless rider’s narrating next week. Let’s go see the ‘Ephemereal Dream’, shall we?

P.S.: Here’s Dotachin way back in high school xD


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