Kuroshitsuji Chapter 42 :]

here comes my monthly Kuroshitsuji manga rant… ta-daa!♥


so, last chapter featured Sebby’s death and Ciel’s uber dramatic scene, right? this chapter does not start off immediately where the last chapter ended. instead, it shows Prince Soma and Agni first, where Soma was worrying about Ciel (after Ciel kicked them out of the mansion because of the party, lulz. i also have the hypothesis that Prince Soma and Agni will be having more appearances just because they were shown first in this chapter.) and Agni, trying to calm him down, says that everything will be fine since Sebby is there. unfortunately, Sebby is not there anymore. these two characters of ours aren’t still aware of the commotion happening inside the Phantomhive mansion at this moment.

so what is happening at the Phantomhive mansion anyway, which is undepartable because of a very timely raging storm outside?

people are starting to calm down: at least, Ciel is. he even apologized for his outburst, and was able to pass on to Tanaka the role of being the butler. so i guess Tanaka will not be in his chibi mode for some chapters to come. despite his calm demeanor, Ciel’s feelings of trust for Sebby is still coming on headstrong as he said this:

fool, Sebby doesn’t make mistakes. fool!

anyway, as i was saying, people are starting to calm down. i think Mr. Wordsmith was really invited to the party for a purpose,

probably so someone would play the detective. he said some really Detective Conan-like observations, fosho, theorizing that Sebby was hit on the back of his head, then was stabbed by a poker up front.

very Detective Conan-y, donchathink? that’s some pose he also has there.:D

the guy who also works for the Queen also threw in some very meitante-like words, but in no way am i going to remove my suspicions about him. in fact, i am suspecting him to the point that i am already pointing my finger at him. it’s either he’s the murderer, or some accomplice in some twisted plan. i’m watching him. i’ve got my eyes on him, like this: O_O. haha. i even have my eyes on him as he glomped down food at the table.

i have my eyes on him as he scoured the table for more food.

i have my eyes on him even as he defended the urgency of the dessert.

he’s kind of cute. haha. how come it appears to me as if he only cares about food?:))

about the first picture in this post: WRONG-O. wrong! wrong! there aren’t two murders tonight, there are THREE! hurrah for the killer who never wastes time!>:D

btw, don’t you think that Ciel’s dad is too much of a bishie?

he even has a fucking beauty mark near his eye! aaaaaacknowondermadameredfellinlovewithhim.


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