Durara-rabu♥: The Mystery of the Bartender Outfit

is finally solved!

why does Shizuo always wear a bartender outfit? isn’t he already fired from his bartending job? does he love his bartending job that much? does he miss it sooo much that he decided to wear his bartending outfit for the rest of his life, for every single air time of this beloved anime? or did he like the outfit’s style? did he think that bows look fashionable with his uber cool shades and blonde hair?

or is it…


Love can explain e-ve-ry-thiiing.


yes, it’s love! but not the kind of romantic love or whatever, mind you. it’s brotherly luurve. not BL, they’re really brothers. you see, our Shizu-chan here has a brother, and his brother’s not just anyone, his brother’s an actor!

*insert moment of WOOOOW here, and Shizu-chan’s Italian-sounding background music*

but wait, there’s more: he’s not just an actor, but an actor who plays a ninja! not only that, but the ninja also happens to be a f*cking vampire, who battles with uber large mecha robots! WTF!

*insert ANOTHER moment of WOOOOW here, and Shizu-chan’s Italian-sounding background music*

being popular must run in the blood, eh? Shizu-chan is really a popular, or rather, a notorious person here in Ikebukuro, and according my ultimate anime and tumblr friend Enza,

“If you don’t know who Heiwajima Shizuo is, you don’t live in ‘bukuro. You don’t know anything and you prolly came from a public school. That’s how bad-ass famous he is in that town, yo.”

ohmygahd. i LOL’d at that part. so if you’re from a public school, you won’t be able to know him already? gaah, the horror of not even knowing about him!>_< this anime is really crazy, i know. this episode is reeking of awesomeness. even though Shizuo claims that it stinks here in Ikebukuro.

anyway, as i was saying (getting too sidetracked here, i know.) the bartender clothes were given to him by his brother as a hope that he’ll last at his bartending job. unfortunately, Izaya here, Shizu-chan’s *eherm* best friend *ehem,* set him up again. again? why did i say again? why, Izaya has been setting him up since highschool! and they tried to kill each other on the first time they met!

nice introduction you gave there, Shinra. HAHA. it’s an understatement though, he’s not kind of an asshole, he IS an asshole. no wonder Shizuo’s been hurling vending machines at him whenever he can. EVEN IF HE DOES HATE VIOLENCE. even though he first bends whatever he’s holding with his right hand first, then throwing it onto the ground and stomping on it, then throwing whatever large object is available, HE HATES VIOLENCE. get it? accept it now or suffer his rage.

btw, the middle school Shinra edition is sooo cute!

look at how he perked up after seeing Shizuo run amok.:3 i give +50 points for the detail that Shinra has always been that curious about things.XD that teenage Shinra feeling lovey dovey towards Celty is really cute too.^^

DURARARA!! Episode 7

i was totally looking forward to this episode since i discovered the Shizuo will be narrating it. and this, by far, is really an awesome episode, narrated by none other than our awesome Shizu-chan!♥ and i can’t help but squee on the amount of air time that Shizuo and Izaya had!XD

yes, it’s been fun, person who has been bringing a knife since highschool.

Shizu’s annoyed that there are only approximately 20 minutes only per episode. MOAR please.♥


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