February anime status

My second ever anime stat post since this thing was put up. Have a read if you’re bored. If not, well… nuninuninu ♫♪♬

Right, as usual, let’s start off the post with the anime that I’m currently watching:

  • Gintama (Spring ‘06)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (Spring ‘09)
  • Kimi ni Todoke (Fall ‘09)
  • Chu-bra!! (Winter ‘09)
  • Sora no Woto (Winter ‘09)
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (Winter ‘09)
  • Durarara!! (Winter ‘09)
  • Ookami Kakushi (Winter ‘09)
  • Seikon no Qwaser (Winter ‘09)
  • Nodame Cantabile Finale (Winter ‘09)
  • Katanagatari (Winter ‘09)

Yep, the number of titles I’ve been watching has gone down from 13 to 11. I dropped Omamori Himari and Ladies vs Butlers because I don’t think anyone would like to hear more about those fanservice anime. (I don’t want any more of it either.)

Anyway, let’s start the count!

11. Seikon no Qwaser
I am thinking of dropping this already. Subs are coming out slowly and the plot isn’t progressing much. What I think is progressing about it is the amount of oppai exposure the anime is willing to give. I’ve watched until Episode 6’s Uncensored Director’s Cut and honestly, this thing oughta be called H already. Talk about milking a franchise. Milking indeed.

10. Sora no Woto
No improvements shown over the past 4 episodes. I had more fun watching K-ON! than watching this thing. The plot of the past episodes were mostly baseless and I don’t see where the story is going either. Have they never heard of plot and character development? Oh I don’t think so >___>

9. Ookami Kakushi
Yes, this is definitely getting a better place than Sora no K-ON! For one, it’s starting to have some sort of plot. It still sucks bigtime yes, but it’s now a bit tolerable and also getting a bit more interesting. There’s the true nature of the Wolf Gods and all that so yeah, I think I’ll be watching this to the end.

8. Chu-bra!!
Oh, yeah, am still watching this one – weird as that may sound. Since my aversion to anything fanservice-y is kind of kicking in these days, it’s actually a surprise (not indicating whether t’was a pleasant one or not) that I still find this anime bearable, tolerable, and a bit… acceptable. I’ve learnt how to wear that lingerie thing from this anime – not that I’d wear one. Still, I commend the makers for they still manage to make this informative.

7. Kimi ni Todoke
I’ll be brutally honest, I am not liking the focus on Chizu that we’re having these past days. Yes, I love Chizu and yes, I love Ryu as well BUT MY GAHD!! We’ve only got like 4 more episodes and we aren’t even seeing any development on Sawako and Shouta’s situation! What the hell. There’s still Sawako’s birthday and Valentine’s Day and Miura Kento, you know. I.G., are you telling me you’d make a season 2!? Or are you going to leave fans hanging? Gosh.

6. Katanagatari
Episode 2 aired last February 8 and man t’was awesomesauce. Of couse since it’s only airing like once in a month, I can’t honestly give it a really high spot T.T Truthfully, I think one episode (which is equivalent to two because of its length) is not enough for a month. I keep wanting more because of Yasuri Shichika >w< He’s so adorable because of his naïveté. Togame’s also freaking funny xD

NOW I’VE COME TO THE DIFFICULT PART T___T The top 5! Myohmy, it’s really hard to rank these ;__;

5. Nodame Cantabile Finale

The plot’s thickening and my bias for Chiaki is surfacing ever so slowly. Every time I see him with Son Rui, I can’t help but feel jealous. I’m not even Nodame! But yeah, I think the story’s kind of getting more and more mature here. I like how otona-poi this series is becoming ♥ And Nodame has graduated from being Auclair-sensei’s Bebe-chan! Hooray~ I’m looking forward to whether Nodame will be able to do a piano concerto with Chiaki or not. (Best scene for Nodame this February = picture above ↑)

I wish I could put all these titles on the number one spot but I can’t so… here:

4. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

This series is one helluva fun ride. I like how random it is and how ordinary and clichéd the characters are and yet… they manage to turn it into a really fun show to watch. The hints of other anime being referenced during the show is also challenging for me to figure out. Code Geass in episode 8 was very LOL-worthy. I didn’t expect Muttsurini to be using the geass on Akihisa just to sell his ero-shashins. I don’t think it’s necessary tho, since Akihisa’s a self-proclaimed perv.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Aaaaaaand the plot continues to twist and turn and make me crazy. Yes, I love this show to bits and pieces I don’t even know anymore. Since I’ve never really read the manga, for me, these new information that this remake of the series has been divulging are such a treat and I can’t help but wallow in all those glorious new information. The closeness of Roy Mustang’s team and how they work in secret is awesome. The kick-ass, rough, verily not feminine characteristics of Olivier Armstrong continues to reel me in and worship her. There’s also the return of Gree-ling (Guriring ♥) that I thoroughly thoroughly missed! A lot has been happening and this is getting long so I’m gunna shut up now.

2. Durarara!!

This only gets second place T___T I know. I’m a bad person. Yesyesyes. I wish I could just let them get a tie for the first place but no, I have to stick to the count down. And I honestly think this is just me fangirling to Shizu-chan’s awesome episode that made Durarara!! reach second in this anime stat post. I skipped ranting on the 6th episode and I don’t feel like doing the 8th one either. But I think the plot is moving forward and I like the development we’re having so far. ShinraxCelty FTW ♥

1. Gintama

Gintama never gets old for me, in fact, it only keeps getting better and better tbh. I’ve also kind of softened my heart (EVEN MOAR) to Gintama because the countdown is really getting to me. I’ve been speculating about it over and over. Is it really the end? Is it actually just a countdown towards the movie that’s airing this April? WHAAAAAAAT. I am at a loss and so I try to enjoy the Gintama episodes they’re dishing out. And man, it’s still fun. Pandemonium-san wins a spot in my heart – NOT.

That wraps up my anime status for February. Next month’s the last month of Winter and a lot of titles are prolly ending then so it’ll be pretty hectic (and hard) sorting out the stats for that month. Oh it’s gunna be a challenge I hope I’ll enjoy. I’m also planning on watching another finished series because I’m done with Baccano! and I’ve caught up with Hetalia (altho I didn’t really understand much about it). I’ve decided on Higashi no Eden. I might post my watch list when I’m in the mood for it. People are prolly getting tired of those watch list updates tho so feel free to skip those.

The picture before the cut is from pixiv. The artist’s profile is here. (I don’t support GinxTsukuyo. I just found the pic really funny and appropriate.) I kind of edited it and now it looks crappy so sorry for that. I’m a noob at Photoshop so if someone can teach me great techniques then great ♥

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