Heart no Kuni no Alice

Volume 1 Cover

i don’t know whether i’m still experiencing the Alice in Wonderland hype, but i decided to pick up this manga last night after finishing Doubt. i heard about it from one of the people i follow, and after seeing a few manga scans about it, the idea that i should read it stuck to my head. (you have no idea how greatly my followees influence me =P)

so, yep. you guessed it right: this manga has the Alice in Wonderland concept embedded in it, complete with the set of frilly lolita dresses and weirdos lurking about.♥ there are tons of things that are different, though:

  • Alice did not follow the rabbit into the hole. she was actually kidnapped. wonderful!>:D
  • the animals found in the novel aren’t completely animals here… more of like… hybrids. in short, guys with neko and rabbit ears. sounds cliche right? it sounds like a ploy to get fangirls coming in, right? HAHA. oh well, i’m not denying it in any way, ‘coz i totally buy this shit. i’d probably advise guys not to read this because of all the moe stuff going around, but i do like manga based on their stories, and this manga has a story. i’m still not sure where it’s going to, though, but i definitely see a plot coming. meanwhile, i strongly recommend this to girls. hurr hurr.
  • the twins, named Dee and Dum, are soooo cute. they are in no way as ugly and freaky as their counterparts in movies. i did mention above that there is too much moe around. it’s safe to assume that you won’t be surprised to know that there are bishies, bishies, BISHIES hopping around!:D (and it could also be taken literally, since two of them bishies are rabbits, even if one of them strongly denies it. he says he doesn’t like carrots, only carrot dishes.)
  • the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, the twins, the Cheshire Cat, the Marsh Hare, the playing cards and the clock-gripping Rabbit are all present in this story, but how come i don’t see any smoke-puffing caterpillar? it must have been hard to make a bishie out of that one. HAHA. or maybe, it’s a character that has yet to debut?
  • one theme that is prevalent in this manga: REVERSE HAREM. of course, that wasn’t even seen at all in the movies and novels. i usually hate stories that have this element, because sometimes it ends up being sloppy and ooh-so-cliche. however, i don’t think i can apprehend this manga for having this element, since it’s already screaming at my face that “i contain reverse harem, you idiot!” only fools would not realize it sooner or later, since there is a grand total of two main girl characters in this manga and tons of guys. there is also the constant mention of how everybody would love Alice since she’s an outsider. anyway, i actually love how the reverse harem was played out in this manga. it must be the fan girl in me.
  • everybody is so bloody violent. and no, i am not exaggerating. they can make guns appear out of nowhere! they have killing games just for fun!
  • the residents in Wonderland do not take life as something important and should be taken care of. they have some weird mentality about this matter.


the art is wonderful. the cleanliness kind of reminds me of Kuroshitsuji’s art.♥ one of the characters even remind me of Sebby, and some really look like Hetalia characters, only more good-looking. (one really looks like Poland)

it has some mysteries attached in the story, which probably made this manga a page-turner… i mean… a page-clicker for me. oh well, can’t wait for the next chapter! i hope it comes soon!:3

Chapters 1-25 (Volumes 1-4)


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