Manga – err, manhwa: Let’s Be Perverts!


Errr, weird manga – uh, manhwa title got to me so I read it. Weird manga – uh, manhwa gives off weird experience too.

Usually it’s clameryl who writes about manga here but I decided to try it out this time. I am no good at making manga reviews tho. Moreover, this is no manga we’re talking about, it’s a manhwa – which means it’s Korean.

I totally forgot that manhwa should be read L→R compared to the usual R→L reading that we do with mangas. So the manhwa didn’t make much sense to me for the first few chapters. I had to reread it ehe -__-;;

So the story of Let’s Be Perverts is about this 17 year-old guy whose name is Perverto. Because of that name well, surprise! He’s branded a pervert. What kind of parents would give that kind of name to their son anyway? I was wondering about that until I found out that his father’s name also starts with a Perver-. So is his younger brother’s name. The mom should’ve done something about it.

Contrary to his name, Perverto – or Pervy as I wanna call him – is actually very naive and innocent when it comes to sexual matters. Cliché, yes. Then comes along this girl who’s also not so ordinary and his high school life gets topsy-turvy.

So what do I say about this manga –err, manhwa?

It definitely is very unlike most shoujo I’ve read. I actually am at a loss as to what demographic should I put this under. Since it’s mostly about love story, I’d say romance. Then there’s bits of ecchi here and there too. Lotsa pantsu shots and there were bare oppai on the front page for each chapter. It can also be considered a under the slice-of-life genre since most of the events in the story could actually happen in real life. (Although I don’t think that naming your kid Perverto is a mistake that you’ll make in real life, yesyes?)

Story-wise, the whole thing wasn’t so bad. It was just fast-paced and every chapter was short. It felt like reading those comics you see on the Sunday paper or something. It had a very surprising twist at the end – like, totally unexpected. Or maybe that’s how it came out because everything was rushed like a last-minute work submission.

To end this rant, I’ll give this manhwa ★★★ – three stars! Mediocre.


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