Chu-bra!! 11: Farewell Letter

I promised myself to write farewell letters to anime series ending soon. Chu-bra!! just aired it’s penultimate episode last Monday and I think it’s time to say sayonara to the underwear series.

My letter goes something like this (I think):

From Letters to Anime

At first I wanted to write the letter in this blog post. But I forgot that some computers might not have the fonts I intend to use. So to keep the aesthetic appeal of my letter, I decided to just make an image of the letter via Photoshop. I think this will become a constant project that in fact, I made a Picasa web album for all the future letters to anime that I will think up. (Comments, flames, and whatnot are always welcome ♥)

EDIT: Plz, excuse the typographical error right there at the beginning. Making this is hard, please understand that I am entitled to make mistakes and apologize for them.


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  1. Solidad says:

    Wow. The great Enza chan also makes mistakes in English.

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