Obaka-chan, Koigatariki Manga

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Obaka-chan, Koigatariki Manga

(Chapters 1-6)


the everboring and evergrammaticallyincorrect directionless manga reader is back!:) to celebrate the end of this semester,i decided to yield to my sister’s plea to read this manga that she just started reading!:)

i’m really sorry for not posting too much lately (in fact, for posting nothing these past few days. academics called.>_>)

in this manga, i spy…

  • a cliche shoujo storyline! one delinquent girl decides to transfer schools to find her destined true love. unfortunately, she was moved to the class composed of delinquents (think Gokusen!) after forgetting that she was supposed to be all lady-like.
  • a cliche love triangle! the delinquent girl, whom we shall now dub as Sonoda, falls in love with Mr. Perfect Guy who’s part of the Advance Class. of course, Mr. Perfect Guy has his own fans club. (all popular guys have fan clubs! do you not notice that? having a group of wild pretty violent girls is now the determining factor whether your bishie is a REAL bishie. not having even a single group of supposed “protectors” means your bishie is not bishie enough.) inevitably, like in almost every single shoujo manga, guy#2 has qualities that are unmistakably the opposites of the first guy’s. guy#2 is violent and a delinquent at its finest.
  • a too-fast story pace! really. it blurs one’s perception of how fast relationships can develop. this is coming from a girl who’s been waiting for a lifetime.(ಠ_ಠ)
  • humor! one of the best things that come with shoujo. this manga has one of the weirdest humor i have ever encountered, and it would surely make me read up to all the available chapters out now. the way this manga tickles my funny bone completely makes up for all the clicheness (if there ever is such a word) it offers.
  • an unpredictable outcome. at chapter 7, i still have no idea with whom the girl would end up with. +50 points!:) you can barely find shoujo that keeps you guessing who the lucky guy will be.
  • possible ho yay. this is just pure speculation. i’m not going to expound on this subject matter, since it might just be my wild imagination. haha. oh by the way, i’m referring to guys #1 and #2, okay? HAHAHA.

OVERALL FIRST IMPRESSION: it’s great. its humor accounts for a lot. i admit that it’s ridiculous, but hey: i love ridiculous stuff. will finish all the available chapters by tomorrow, probably.


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2 Responses to Obaka-chan, Koigatariki Manga

  1. harunoyuki27 says:

    Thank you for posting a kind-of synopsis of this manga! It’s difficult for me to find for an anime/manga that would suit my taste… and this one looks my type! I’m a sucker for romantic comedies like this so I’ll be sure to check this out!

    It’s just too painful to wait for the english scans everytime, hehe… Anyway, thanks!

    • clameryl says:

      You’re welcome!:) I hope you do get to like it.:3

      Yeah, it’s one of the disadvantages of reading ongoing manga T^T

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