Anime Status: March


Long over-due but WTF. I’m so sorry, self, because I procrastinate too much. I’m so sorry ;_;

So of course, to start off the post, I must enumerate the ongoing/just finished series I watched throughout March~

With all that laid out, let’s start the kauntodaun!

13. Ladies vs Butlers COME BACK
I don’t really know why I picked this up again when I dropped Seikon no Qwaser. I’m just weird like that I guess. Anyway, I DID NOT enjoy it. NOT ONE BIT. I’m just so fucking glad it’s ended.

12. Chu-bra!! DOWN 4
I’m also glad this one has ended. The ending was so bland I felt I was about to puke while watching. Still it’s a happy ending. Know why? Because I’m happy it’s ending. LOL I just cracked a joke, ain’t that super!

11. Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutors NEW!
Of course I am being biased and prejudiced here. I’ve only seen one episode and I’ve only seen this season so I’ve no right to judge this anime. Nonetheless, my decision is pretty solid. I’d have to say I’m pretty happy with the oppai abundance in here though (compared to those two titles above). Maybe it’s because of the “action” involved here? Hrrrrrm.

10. Ookamikakushi DOWN 1
Quite impressed with it because the series actually bothered to pick up the pace around episode 9. It would’ve been really epic, great, *insert whatever positive adjective you can think of* if it already ended with episode 11. That additional bullshit of an episode dragged this series down to this ranking.

9. Darker than Black Gaiden Episode 2 NEW!
Hooray for more HeixYin lurrrrv ♥ (Yes, I ship ‘em. But of course I ship HeixMyself even more lol) I wasn’t able to add the first ep to my January Anime Status post but wth. I’m very intrigued at this whole Izanami-Izanagi business, rly.

8. Kimi ni Todoke DOWN 1
I’m so mean. It’s really hard to make a countdown you know. But yeah, to be honest, the series took a steady downhill trip after the Chizu-Tooru arc. (I’ve mentioned that somewhere else right?) Still, I’m happy that I.G. didn’t change the story ♥ Looking forward to a season 2~ /hopeful

7. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood DOWN 4
The story keeps on getting better and better! I’m very thrilled by the idea of the “Promised Day”. However, I also somewhat feel that there’s something lacking. I have to say that Olivier still amazes the shit outta me but aside from that, the pace started to slow down a bit.

6. Katanagatari Episode 3 STAY
I’m still very much in love with Yasuri Shichika’s character ♥ω♥ I don’t even know why but even though this anime just airs once a month and is nothing but talk for three-fourths of the episode, I can’t help but say I enjoy every bit of it. (Especially the no-sword fighting style of Shichika.)


5. Sora no Woto UP 5
Woohoo~ such a drastic change on the kauntodaun right thurr, oye! This is exaggerated, yes, but I don’t care. I put it up here some couple of notches far from its standing last month because I was in awe at the sudden turn of events. From random slice-of-war-life anime to serious I-have-a-fucking-plot anime, Sora no Woto did a full 180-degree turn! Long story short: DAI SHOCK-UH!

4. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu STAY
Good news! There’s a second season! Oh boy~ well, I’m really glad about that little piece of news, all right. BakaTest never fails to amuse me. It always brings the right blend of comedy and fanservice that I can’t help but get hooked to it. Yes, I love BakaTest that much.

3. Gintama DOWN 2
I wish I could give it number 1 again but unfortunately, I’d have to say the last few episodes were unsatisfactory. It came as a shock to me that Gintama is ACTUALLY ending. What greater shock there is was that they actually ended the fucking thing with a Christmas special in the middle of March. Crazy bunch of staff >_>

2. Durarara!! STAY
Durarara!! is actually very consistent with the excitement it dishes out every week. I’ve been watching it for 3 months and so far I haven’t felt disappointed – not even once. There’s also that DAI SHOCKING-UH surprise there (Hello, Dollars’ leader, hello~), the sudden Baccano! crossover, and of course that mysterious masked new character in the preview. Ahhh~ I’m excited for the next episode! There’s going to be a new OP and ED starting ep 13!!


1. Nodame Cantabile Finale UP 4
Deeply saddened that this is the final season for Nodame Cantabile. I very much enjoyed each episode this season. I loved how every episode almost brought me to tears. I also felt the sting of jealousy when Son Rui did her piano concerto with Chiaki. I felt that pain when Nodame’s proposal got rejected and just recognized as some sort of sick joke. I felt almost every emotion the anime wanted me to feel. I definitely want more Nodame goodness! OVA please come now! NAO!

So here’s to my new and improved anime status post! *cheers* I’ve appended these color-coded tags (NEW!, COME BACK, UP, DOWN, and STAY) after each title per rank. It compares the anime’s standing last month and this month. I think it’s a good idea, y/y? It was so hard to rank these titles as a lot of series ended together with the coming of Spring but I still managed to do a good job (in my own opinion of course). I hope I’d be able to stick to my anime-viewing schedule this April~

Also, if you guys have any suggestions on how I can improve my monthly anime status posts, please tell me about it! You can just leave a comment below, or send me messages via my or Tumblr ask


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