Houou Gakuen Misoragumi

Rabbits be dreaming yo!

great dream you have there. HAHA.

i read this manga about two days ago, and i’m being bothered by the fact that i haven’t written anything about it yet. i think that since this manga sucked out too much emotion from me, i wouldn’t do it justice if i couldn’t even endorse it. it only has 7 available chapters out as of the moment. i got intrigued after reading about it on one of catacataca’s post, and i must say, it’s a good thing curiosity took the better out of me again.:)

so where do i start?:D

let me introduce to you the two main characters in this weird gender bender story.

me to non-existent person: one of them is a girl pretending to be a guy. can you guess who?

non-existent person: the one on the right!:D

me to non-existent person: NA-UHH!=P it’s the guy, err… the girl on the left. where is the world going to? the girl pretending to be a guy looks more like a guy than the guy who really is a guy! and do not be fooled by the looks of the guy on the right who is the real guy and looks more of a girl than the girl on the left who is pretending to be a guy, since he’s also very evil despite looking that feminine and all.

HAHA. wow, i enjoyed making the paragraph above. anyway, the guy on the right really has some evil tendencies. he is the reason why our protagonist here is in such a big dilemma. our protagonist, whom we shall dub as Kei, is a girl who loves girls. yep, you heard that right, she’z lesbo. she holds some unexplainable disgust towards guys and has the desire to date other girls. since were already doing some character analysis on her, let’s also add in the fact that she’s incredibly stupid. you might just want to keep that in mind if you do decide to read it: this knowledge is pretty handy if you ask me.;D oh, and she also barfs when she’s stressed. she also acts without thinking.

i like how the mangaka draws her chibi form.:3

the guy on the right, on the other hand, is called Yui. one wouldn’t really know what he’s up to. he likes torturing Kei, but for some reason, also seems to like protecting her. maybe it’s all for his amusement, i don’t know.:)

back to the story: Kei’s mother, wanting to have grandchildren of her own, sent Kei to study in an all boy’s school, which Kei stupidly didn’t even notice. it turns out that Yui helped her mom to get Kei inside the school (can anyone spell the word connections?), thinking that maybe, Kei should be introduced to a guy-only environment to take her out of her women-loving ways. what ensues next is pure… chaos. HAHA. if you’re up for humor, humor and more humor, i commend you to read this.:D and this is not your usual gender bender. for one, the protagonist does not want to pretend being a member of the opposite sex. this manga does not contain all those lovey-dovey-oh-no-i-think-i’m-gay issues from the real guys, and no love triangle is forming yet. the protagonist does not have any moemoemoe moments yet, and the other guys do not look too keen on having some, either. i’ll be honest and say that no definite story is visible as of the moment, but i don’t care. i want MOAR.

Chapters 1-7



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