Kamen No Maid Guy

Not only the moon is round, if you get my drift.

I finally found the drive to write this review!:3 Honestly, I’ve been stalling writing it for days.(=w=) In fact, I have been already stalling for one whole week, seeing that this is the first series I finished from the Glorious 54. Glorious 54 is now what I dub the group of anime DVDs that I have yet to watch. Wait, since I already finished this series, then the name just got changed to Glorious 53. Hrhrr.

Anyway, before I stray again from the deed at hand, let me give a precis (Oha oha! Special summary!:3) of its story.

Naeka Fujiwara and her brother were picked as the heirs to their grandfather’s wealth. Grandpapi decides not to tell them but instead hires two maids to protect them from possible assaults, and to probably get rid of the garbage inside and around their house. Hoho, they were even televised due to that garbage problem. Going back to the story, the first maid turns out to be every maid maniac’s dream: booby, shy, clumsy and clad in frilly maid costumes. The second maid is… err… clad in frilly maid costumes too. And, err… HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA *breathe* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The second maid is good in fighting, cooking, concocting up potions and applying nail polish. Wanna see?:3

Aww.:( No lead bishie for me.T__T I was kind of hoping that there’s a handsome face behind that mask but they didn’t give us any glimpse of it. But then again, I realized that he’s too masculine to be one of my anime types. I was thinking that despite having the anime named after him, he’s not the lead character of the story. It focuses more on Naeka, our booby heiress.

I just described two people with the word booby, didn’t I? It’s because this is a fanservice anime. Oohlalala lolololol~ Fanservice directed to males, if I must classify it, since all I saw were boobies and one lolita and NO BISHIES! WUT.(T^T) Oh wait, there’s one, but he’s not really a character meant to be liked.:|

I won’t really recommend this anime, but I’m not telling you not to watch it. After all, I finished it and I’m a person who drops series like it’s hot (*enter Snoop Dogg’s song: Drop it like it’s ho-ot, drop it like’s it ho-oot*) once I get too bored. It is funny, that’s for sure.XD I found myself laughing a lot even though I don’t usually watch ecchi. The whole anime is centered on boobs. Oh, I learned some interesting very uber scientific trivia from it. I just discovered that mathematical ability is inversely proportional to the size of one’s breasts! (I actually got insulted, seeing my Math grades are okay. You get the point.:|) There’s actually one whole episode about it, LOL. If you’re up for that kind of humor, watch it.:] It only has 12 episodes.

You’d actually see a lot of fight scenes than you’d expect. I initially thought all I would see are boobs is ecchi. Speaking of Maid Guy, he always says that there is nothing impossible for him since he’s…. MAID GUY! LOLWUT. Maid Guy must be of the supernatural sort. He has x-ray eyes, and you can bet right on that it is intended for use on… you know… this is a fanservice anime. The weird thing is, I have no idea if Maid Guy is a perv. Yes, he does pervy things, but I think he isn’t even aware that they’re pervy nor he derives any sensual happies from them.

There’s this one episode I really like! You see, Naeka has this fan club, scratch that, I meant Naeka’s boobs have a fan club, (the anime kindly cleared that misconception up) and its president lost his memory. Naeka went on a date with him in an attempt to bring it back, but found herself falling for the one person she never thought she’ll ever like. Oooooh.♥ I was totally squeeing in joy because I was really looking for some love story to appear. Too bad it appeared too late in the series and the anime wasn’t able to build up on it.:|

Here’s some last minute comments:

  • Art is definitely not the best but it’s acceptable
  • Music is forgettable
  • Definitely boob-centric. Oh, I said that before? It’s emphasis.

And no, they didn’t call him Grandpapi. I just made that up.


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  1. catacataca says:

    Yeah, Maid Guy! His level of GAR is awesome.
    And he is most likely asexual. The boobs do not excite him. XD

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