The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases

Death Note: Another Note, by NISIOSIN.

It was 2008 when I’ve first caught wind of the news that a Death Note light novel was released in Japan. Because I was still crazy over the series, I went site-hopping here and there to see if there’s anything more about it – at that time, it would be impossible to buy that here. The most that I’ve found was two, roughly translated chapters in a random forum. Lucky for me, my uncle in the States bought me one. Booyah!

So, what is this all about?

Los Angeles has gone and gotten itself a serial killer who the local police are unable to catch so they have super sleuth L to work on their case. But L, being himself like in the anime and the manga, is a person whose face is unseen by the public – more of a behind-the-scenes person.To keep his mysterious persona, he recruits Misora Naomi, agent to the FBI given a time out (in other words, suspension), to do all the leg work for him.

The clues that the killer left are hard enough to understand but this is L that we’re talking about so he does his brain pizzaz and nails the culprit.

If you’re worried that you might need to watch the anime or read the manga first, there’s no need. This light novel serves as a prequel to the actual series and gives us L’s backstory.

There’s nothing wrong with the style and anything else – it reads like your usual light novel, filled with quick narratives and simple dialogues. Just think of a more serious storytelling version of the Haruhi Suzumiya light novels.

What bothered me the most was that there were too many technicalities (the clues, the methods, and all that jazz). Sure you can say that it’s Death Note, technicalities are expected but just no. Some of the stuff just made me pause with my reading and think it over just to understand what I was reading.

But once you’ve figured it out, you’ll think that, “Hey, this is clever thinking!” I was like that when the locked door technique was explained. Coolness.

Is there anything bad about this one? Yes – the names. The names are awful. Who would name their kid ‘Quarter Queen’ or something just as bad?

I’ve re-read this one a few times and I wish that another Death Note novel comes out soon, this time about the detective wars that earned L his reputation as a great detective, if not the greatest.

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