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Small picture is small. /shot

I used to be manga downloads drone who stalked lurked Aerandria. Mostly, I downloaded tons of the one-shots they had because they’re easier to read.

Nageku Shinigami by Miyuki Mitsubachi is Exhibit A. I don’t anything else about the author, except that she contributed a story to the memorial tribute for the Hana Kimi manga. Oh, but what the heck.

Because I was avoiding reading anything remotely depressing or disturbing before – let’s just enjoy this simple, little shoujo manga, shall we?

The Shinigami in question is the boy in the picture, Rondo. What makes him different from his kind is that he collects the souls of dying people with a kiss. As you can see, this just sounds so wrong on so many levels. But no, no way am I going to talk about it!

Moving on, he’s got a rabbit sidekick to help him. More like, he’s the one who schedules Rondo’s work. (“Hey, it’s ___ o’ clock. Time to take _____’s soul.”)

Rondo is your typical unemotional character. He gets on with his job without care – well, it’s best not to care when you’re kissing dying people, especially if… GAH, I can’t do this – and that’s when the plot ball comes rolling.

His next target is a young girl about his age (Whut? I do not know if he’s already old so let’s base it on his appearance.) whose happy personality, despite being a dying sickly hospital patient, distracts him from doing his job.

If you’ve checked the manga in any hosting site – hopefully, you did – so you might be wondering why is it labeled as ‘drama’ and a ‘romance’ at that. Okay, the romance part can be understood easily.

Well, I’m not going to give any spoilers. That would just spoil the effect that ending would have on you. I want to but I’m not mean. >8D

It’s a very good story and I’m very sure that it’s only a one-shot so there won’t be any of that waiting for an update drama.


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