Paradise Kiss [backtrack/copy-pasta]

Yukari and George. Not my ship but I admit that it's quite cute.

So I’ve finished reading Paradise Kiss by Yazawa Ai and thought that it’s a ridiculously good manga. Usually, when it comes to romance genres, you would find all the typical cliches and stereotypes present in just about every story. Although ParaKiss has its fair share of the cliches and stereotypes, it’s got more than that. It’s fairly realistic and the events were paced quite well.

I may be one of the few people who expected that George wouldn’t end up with Yukari at all. The signs were all over, flashing like a car’s headlights, and so I knew that the two would eventually part ways. And ParaKiss is a josei manga, not shoujo – if it was shoujo, George and Yukari would be a couple till the end (just a hunch, don’t mind me). To me, they weren’t really in love with each other but that didn’t mean that what they felt for each other was any less.  Their relationship is kind of complicated, after all, but definitely not love.

All of the characters were well-developed and they weren’t there just for the sake of plot improvement. Actually, they might as well have been based on real people because, really, you’d find people like them in real life. Yes, even bastards like George (in my opinion, he’s not even that much of a bastard, there exist people who are far worse than him) and mothers like George’s.

I have to go back to studying so I’ll make it short and end it. The ending for me was a very good way of finishing the story. No questionable points about it. And yes, I pretty much knew chapters ahead that Yukari would marry Hiro. So okay, why is she marrying Hiro when she still loved George and him marrying Yukari when he still loved Miwako? I honestly think that by that time, they already love each other – Yukari and Hiro. Just how many years do you think had passed after George left?

One thing that I kind of wanted to see in the ending is a glimpse of Miwako, Arashi, Isabella, George and the other characters just one last time. We saw how Yukari and Hiro and Yukari’s brother had grown up. And I want to see the kid of Miwako and Arashi… Would probably be too cute!

P.S. Why is there no Yukari/Isabella pairing? I just want to read about it in a fanfiction, for even once in my life. Please?


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  1. obsidianfactory says:

    To be honest, I found there were not any stereotypes in “Paradise Kiss” – because though some characters have similar models to stereotypes they were quite individualistic (this is also the basis of a paper of mine). You see Miwako may be a cute girl but she is talented and not a bimbo ( to me my most hated couple is Miwako and Arashi – I didn’t like the fact that Miwako didn’t do ANYTHING about Arashi concerning he’s a selfish BRAT and that Arashi himself had the audacity to order Miwako around despite all his actions. This couple is cute but it needed to mature more to blossom – this is Ai Yazawa’a only incomplete part in my opinion).

    To me I loved “Paradise Kiss” and I really liked the fact that George and Yukari did not end up together. Also I think the manga is catered as regular shoujo despite being originality Josei. I loved the fact that Yazawa delved into bisexuality and cross-dressing. I love bisexual men and I would love to see more in real like ^_^ I think the relationships are realistic and dynamic. About Hiro and Yukari, yes, I think its obvious at the end that though they had feelings for others their true loves are each other and frankly speaking Hiro and Miwako may look cute together but they wouldn’t make a fine pair as Yukari and Hiro.

    I also wanted to see a Isabella/Yukari pairing because I think aside Hiro Isabella would be the perfect guy for Yukari but I think he is also the only person George can have a proper relationship i.e. the only person he doesn’t hurt massively all the time.

    So yeah, I probably might write an Isabella/ Yukari fic and post it in my blog. Thanks for the idea and I loved the pic posted here.

    • Mairen-chan says:

      I agree with what you’ve said about Miwako and Arashi’s relationship. He was an insecure brat who I found to be pretty selfish. And regarding the stereotypes, I guess I might be reading too much television tropes. XD But I think I may have based my mention of the cliches and stereotypes more on the storytelling – I’m not sure. This was written sometime last year so I can’t remember what I was thinking back then.

      For me, I can’t really imagine Hiro and Miwako together. I think Yazawa did good on the couples. I can imagine George and Yukari together but they would still be going around in circles, like the way they are in the manga; that wouldn’t be such a healthy relationship. Contrary to what Yukari/George fans say, I don’t think they’ll ever get to be lovey-dovey, in a happily-ever-after sort.

      And finally, someone who would like to see Isabella and Yukari as a couple! And true about George and Isabella too.

      Oh, you would? If you did write it, can I read it? Please?

      You’re welcome – regarding the idea. :)

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