A Kuroshitsuji musical, let me show you it.

Having musical versions of anime is quite the rage in Japan nowadays. If possible, any popular anime/manga would have one.

You could say that I’m interested in the musicals – they’re quite good actually. The one that started the interest was seeing a Tenimyu (shortcut for the Prince of Tennis musical) DVD in Comic Alley because I was very much obsessed with the series. And having pretty people play your favorite characters didn’t hurt.

But I’m not going to talk about Tenimyu because that would take too long and we’ll end up going through 6 casts and more arcs than you can count on your fingers. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to go through all of this.

But this! Yes, I present you with video. I can’t embed it (I don’t know what’s wrong) so just click on that. Now watch it – all 14 parts of it. The awesomeness cannot be left unseen.

I came to know that there will be a Kuroshitsuji musical when I was lurking in gekipuri, hunting for information on Tenimyu and some of the actors (like, Shirota Yuu).  I was excited, mostly because Ruito (he played Gakuto) was going to be in it even if he was an original character. I knew no one else.

The cast and the characters they play are in the link and with pictures.

Everyone had done nicely and portrayed their respective roles very well. I thought they were all in character. The for-the-musical-only characters weren’t very out of place either. The best actors, for me, are Uehara Takuya who played Grell and Maylene’s Igari Atsuko. Undertaker’s is good too. I love how good the actor’s laugh is.

Best looker is not Sebastian (Matsushita Yuya) however and is Ryuuya who played Lau. There, let me put a picture to show you. I hope the size is okay. My system dies when I try to put a larger one.

But really, here.

Look. (I command you too!)

See? Now imagine him with his eyes closed and smiling that creepy Lau smile.

Okay, so you might want to know what the musical is about. The story? It is nonexistent, manga-wise. Aberline who did the introduction stated that everything occurred in that blank space here between the panels. But still there is a plot, for plot’s sake. The Phantomhive household is preparing for a ball when three guests from Japan arrived. When something happened during the party, it appears that there is more to their guests than what meets the eye. That covers about most of it.

The best parts? Maylene kicking butt and the Sebastian/Grell fight.

Costumes were done wonderfully but somehow I find liking the costumes by cosplayers more. Really. And the fight scenes were well-choreographed. Especially Maylene’s. Sebastian in his fight with Grell made me wonder if Yuya had a double. It’s okay though.

To be honest, I would have to re-watch this because there are videos of some songs that have English subtitles.

I wonder though why people find the musical bad. The word is ‘suck’ if I’m going to be specific. Was it because they found Shougo (Ciel) too old for his role? But the age difference is quite small. And Yuya may not have Sebastian’s deep voice but he did well. If they wanted to have a Sebastian that they liked, they should get Ono Daisuke to do it. I wouldn’t say no to that either.

Especially since he had teared up when his seiyuu duty for Kuroshitsuji was over to give way to Monoshitsuji’s butler. I hate you, 2nd season! Even Hitler hates you too! D8<

Anyway, despite people finding the musical bad, there’s going to be a second one. Yana said so. And the shinigami are going to be there. The middle person looks like the guy in Durarara!

She first posted in her blog on February 6 this year that Ronald Knox will be present. I don’t understand Japanese and translations are pretty sketchy so I won’t be posting her words here.

I’m pretty excited to watch the second one and hopefully, it’s related to the manga a lot more than the first and not just some blank space in a page.


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