Suicide Circle

What a fugly leader.

Is that how people who cut themselves feel?D: Is that their rationalization, to let others know their pain? Or is it that to alleviate the emotional pain they feel by burying it with physical pain? Or is it that they have gone too numb, and feeling pain is what makes them feel alive? I would not know–all I can do is string words meant to sympathize but can’t.With this I present to you another horror manga: Suicide Circle which is also known as Jisatsu Circle. I still had a hang over from reading Uzumaki and was craving for more psychologically disturbing stories, so I read Suicide Circle today, as recommended by catacataca. It’s a very brief read: it consists of a single volume with 6 chapters, so I was able to finish it within 30 minutes.

The theme of this manga is pretty obvious from the title itself: group suicides. I only got acquainted with this concept from watching Durarara!!, truth be told. The story starts off with one phenomenal suicide group act, where there is only one survivor, Saya.

Saya: really pretty but really broken

Saya is not *really* that happy that she survived. As the manga continues, throwing in a few flashbacks here and there, one would understand why Saya wanted to die and learn of revelations as to how the suicide group was built and how it works. Other taboo themes are also discussed aside from suicide, such as prostitution, bullying and self-mutilation. Something also of the supernatural sort is working behind the scenes. One could say that the internet plays a pretty big role in the story.

I did say that the manga is pretty short, so it’s kind of hard to discuss it in detail without giving out spoilers. This must be one of my shortest review these past few days.๏̯͡๏ Hoho.

This manga also has a movie, the manga being made before the movie, but it is said that the manga and the movie have different plots so it’s safe to read either of them without spoiling the other.:3


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