Oresama Teacher

Oh dear, where do I start with Oresama Teacher? There’s so much that I’d like to say about it but I can’t seem to gather my thoughts.

This manga is by Tsubaki Izumi, who also wrote Oyayubi kara Romance (Romance from the Thumb). You can tell that Oresama Teacher is her latest work due to the differences in the art style – it’s cleaner, more defined, and the characters look better in it than Oyayubi.

* Anyway, beware of photos under the cut – they’re large. *

I was really surprised a few days ago when I saw that it already has 22 chapters available. I’ve read it ages ago and only 4 to 5 chapters were posted anywhere.

This is not your typical shoujo manga. You’ve got a tough delinquent girl student for a heroine –

Cool, isn't she?

– who is actually an idiot. But not the naive, bubble-headed, cute-in-a-way-that-I’d-really-like-to-kill-her idiot.  She’s really just an idiot.

Yes, this is her. As Lovely Usa-Chan Man! Hohohohoho~

Because of her delinquent ways, she was expelled from her school. I think not one school wanted to accept her (with the reputation she has, you bet) and so she moved to a new place and transferred to a new school. This time, she aims to be a very feminine school girl; I wonder if she will succeed.

But as the story goes on, it’s quite impossible for her what with her new friend, a guy named Hayasaka, and her homeroom teacher, Saeki Takaomi, who’s a rumble-and-tumble kind of guy.

There’s a lot of humor here, good humor at that, that would just have you in stitches. Hey, that happened for me. The art just accompanied the jokes very well and speaking of jokes, they don’t seem to be crude to me.

Romance would never be absent and you know, this is also labeled as a ‘reverse harem’ so yeah – there will be loads of it. So far, about 5 or 6 guys have appeared and I can sense some romantic sparks here and there. I’m wishing she and the teacher, Saeki, get to be a couple. I’d like to see how they’re like together. I mean, the tension is there and it’s neat and funny.

Why hello there, mini skirt.

Pervert teacher.

Definitely a pervert.

What’s also a good element is the action. Yes, action. What do you expect from a manga about a delinquent? The chase scenes are my favorite.

Hehe. You can't run away from Saeki Takaomi.

And the chair scene too.


Now, you see why I’m crazy over this manga. I’m sorry about the picture dump on you but hell, these are my favorite scenes – you need to see them. XD

All in all, this is definitely, definitely worth the read. The mangaka handled the plot so well and the characters have very defined personalities. There’s a bunch of things (humor, seriousness, action, etc.) there that had mashed so well together and can hook you to wanting more of it.

Similar manga you might want to read or have already read: Happy Hustle High, Ah! Itoushi no Banchou-sama, and possibly Gokusen (except the teacher’s the protagonist and she’s trying to control the delinquents; Takaomi’s got different plans).


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  1. mangafanatic says:

    Hi Mairen-chan
    i like Oyayubi kara romance and oresama teacher very much
    and also i was shocked about that ^^
    as you said ir’s really not a everyday shojo manga XD

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