The Adventures of Enza-chan, the New-born Fujoshi!


I’m lying. I’m not exactly a new-born fujoshi but I definitely feel renewed and born again after going to that Yaoi Convention. That’s their poster right there.

First off, long time no post. Gomen nasai, minna-san~ I got a lot of work that I had to finish before going back to blogging. It’s such a pain in the ass, yes. But what the hell, at least it’s all over now.

I’ve been raving about this yaoi con ever since I got the confirmation that I’ll be getting a ticket. You see, this is a very small gathering. It’s not like the first con I’ve been to (which is Ozine) where anyone is free to join the fun in the con as long as you can pay the 100php entrance fee. This con has limited tickets to sell; I think there’s only 120 or so tickets available and you have to email the mods first to reserve your tickets. It’s tedious, yes, but definitely worth it. The tickets were very aesthetically appealing, as if the organizers of the convention wanted to go out with a bang. They did, and sadly, it really is the last con for them. If you wanna go see what the tickets had inside, check out my Tumblr posts on them.

On the day itself, I woke up way earlier than usual. Still feeling sleepy but a bit excited and pumped up for the activities later, I went and prepped up. I got to the venue with two of my fellow fangirls at around 10 am. Just right on time for the start of the show. Unfortunately, the tables were late to arrive and so we had to wait for the organizers to give us the go signal before we can enter the venue. Around 10:30, we got that signal we’ve been waiting for.

The venue was dim-lit – there were just yellow-hued bulbs hanging from the ceiling in chandeliers of some sort. It was not a good place for my sucky cameraphone so I decided not to take pictures. (Sorry about that.) But it was a great place for a small number of people to gather and mingle with each other. They had a huge projector in one corner in the huge hall, the tables were all around the place yet still in order, there were snacks and water on the bar free for the taking, and separate rooms for the butler cafe and the library. The floor was also carpeted – not sure if it was vacuumed – but people didn’t seem to mind that and just sat on the floor to doodle on their sketchpads, to chat with their nakama or to watch what’s currently showing on the projector.

It was a breeze to go around and check out all the stalls, there were only a few of them I could say they’re less than the number of fingers I have. There were doujin circles selling their wares: fanarts, pins, notebooks, doujinshi. There was one there selling volumes of manga that she owned; they were all in Japanese and in really good condition. There were two stalls that sold apparel – shirts and earrings and other accessories. Most of the doujin circles also offered to do on-the-spot art commissions most for less than $3. There was another group that does podcasts – name’s WorldThre3 – they had a geek quiz set up and a tarot card reading session.

The library had an array of manga and doujinshi available for reading – that is, if you know how to read Japanese. Most of the titles were really great, my friend and I took notes of the titles and authors of the volumes with smexy art. I have to look for scanlations if there are some. There’s also the occassional English volume but most of the time it’s already in the hand of a fellow fujoshi and you’re stuck with the Japanese volumes. It was still satisfying to look at the sex scenes on most manga though (lol).

Since the start of the con got a bit delayed because of the tables, the Cafe Le Mirage’s opening also got a bit delayed. We were on the first rotation and boy, it was a relief that we were! We got to experience the butlers when they were still sweat-free and less cranky! The more surprising thing here is that the girl we had to share the table with is our butler’s girlfriend. Ha! Talk about fate.

The butlers were all handsome, uber gorgeous men (or girls looking like men) and they were very amiable, and were willing to serve. I got a bit pissed at one though, he was too cocky. Other than that, it was a truly enjoyable experience. The food was good, the tea was even better, and I won against my butler on the Seme-Uke memory card game!

So before this post gets too long, I’ll shower you with the merchandise I got from the con. I only got a few since I just quit my job – I’m basically penniless broke. Excuse my low-tech, crappy cameraphone.

Yeah, I got a shirt, a Nabari no Ou pin, and a US/UK Hetalia doujin!! FUCK YES.

The doujin is so rad!! Just take a look at this one page.
S Now, tell me it’s not hot.


It was such a great adventure! I had a lot of fun and my friends said they did too. It was an indescribable feeling having fangirls like you together in the same room, cheering for more of the sex scene you just saw in that yaoi flick – or cheering because some guy confessed to another and it’s just so d’awwwww you can’t help but squeal. It made me think that such small-sized conventions are what’s best. They preserve the intimacy that should be there in a group of people who share the same interests. The competition isn’t there, it’s just plain camaraderie. No politics and whatnot involved too. I wish I can attend another con as great as this. Kudos to the people of Lights Out. You did go out with the biggest bang ever possible.

P.S.: Here’s a creepy picture of me proud that I’m a fujoshi lol. Creepy right?


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