Catching Up!: B Gata H Kei


I am so behind the times, really. I haven’t watched most of the Spring titles since I got busy with work. I might drop some of them eventually but for now, I have to catch up with them before my monthly anime stat post is due. First up we have: B Gata H Kei!

This anime is mainly about a girl who’s so full of herself she wants to have a hundred casual sex partners. Now that’s a topic that shouldn’t be watched by anyone who hasn’t even had a class on sex education. (I’m qualified, fer chrissakes I’m 19!!) So guys, make sure you’re at least high school before you watch this.

So far, there’s been 4 episodes aired since it started last April 2. I’m gonna go over those 4 episodes as quickly as I can.



Our story begins and the lead female is introduced. Her given name wasn’t given though (pun pun!) for reasons the Erogami didn’t state. You’re wondering who or what an Erogami is, yes? If you notice right there on the screencap on the lower left, there’s a small entity hovering on a pink cloud. THAT is Erogami or Ero-God. Whatever.

Yamada, for reasons not stated as well, is one sex-crazed, stupid bitch. Yes, that’s what she is. All she ever thinks about is sex, sex, and more sex. You’ll start thinking she’s some nymphomaniac but she actually has no experience on the deed. That’s why she needs a Cherry-kun to help her climb the stairway to adulthood.

That Cherry Boy right there is Kosuda. Oh poor guy.



Being the desperate girl that she is, she tried quite a  lot of crazy stuff just during the first episode. She cornered Cherry – err, Kosuda-kun in a room, took his textbook, asked him to teach her Math, seduced him in his own room but in the end, she ran away because he popped a boner. WHAT A BITCH.

Good thing she’s got a very reliable friend who saves the day by setting up a double date to the pool with her boyfriend, Yamada, and Kosuda. If you’re wondering what’s the name of Yamada’s friend, it’s F-shita. Ow, Takeshita. (She’s got F-cup sized boobs!!) Now if you’re wondering why Yamada even got a friend like Takeshita, don’t ask me, I myself am wondering about the same thing.

Kosuda took the initiative this time around but it looks like it wasn’t because he wanted to get it on with Yamada. It was all because he’s acrophobic and Yamada dragged him all the way to that hellish pool slide. (I myself will probably faint before I go there.) But all’s well that ends well, Yamada forgave him after he embraced her while the fireworks went kirakira in the air.



This anime is pretty fast-paced. (Maybe because the lead female is also quite fast-paced in all her misadventures.) Three episodes in and we already have the School Festival! DAI-SHOCK.

Near the end of the previous episode, an F-cupped rival was introduced. As it turns out, she was Kosuda’s childhood friend and they’ve been close to each other for a long time. Some shocking stuff was revealed but the thing that really got me the most was that Kosuda’s aneki was A PRINCE CHARMING!! Like whoaaaa, right?

School festivals are supposed to have lots of different events but this episode only showed the ero-pumped haunted house that Yamada’s class decided on, the photography club’s gallery (that’s not selling well I think), the Miss Takizawa High pageant, and the usual dance around the bonfire. Nothing so exciting happened here so let’s move on…



Finally! I’ve caught up!! AND FINALLY!! SOME EXCITING STUFF!

I haven’t mentioned that Yamada has a younger sister that seemed more experienced than her in *that* department. It’s revealed in this episode that her name’s Chika and she really is a man-killer. I sense some inferiority complex from her too since her sister’s more attractive than her. But she gets by, she’s a killer like that.

On a side note, I’d have to ask: Why is it that they say Yamada’s one of the most beautiful girls in the school when she doesn’t really look that good? There’s something wrong with the character designs?

Back on track: Being the fast-paced anime that this is, 4 episodes in and we have Christmas already! Woohoo! Kosuda and Yamada finally go on a date together (alone!) and everything’s looking good except for the fact that they can’t seem to understand what the other wants. Good thing that Yamada’s pretty aggressive so she gets everything in motion after that first kiss. (FINALLY A FIRST KISS!)

They then proceed to do the deed in the notorious sex-filled park in the neighborhood but they chickened out when they saw camera lenses popping out of the bushes. (RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!)

Still! It’s a considerably huge improvement from what they’ve been doing in episodes past. I’m looking forward to more crack from this show.

Overall, it’s something that will possibly stay on my watch list. I mean, I like fanservice stuff if delivered well so… yeah.


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  1. Mairen-chan says:

    Woah, fanservice? And this is ecchi?
    Hm, I should recommend this to my guy friend who’s been bugging me for fanservice-y stuff.
    It looks fun to watch too. Because Ero-gami exists in this anime-verse. :D

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