Seiyuu are badass

I honestly think that without the distinct voices behind them, the characters in an anime would be nothing – the personality of a character shows in how he/she sounds when speaking. I’m so fascinated by the entire seiyuu industry and I really admire them seiyuu because they do their jobs so well. This is also the reason why I don’t care for foreign dubbing in all its half-assed glory (although there are a few good anime dubs out there but they’re rare so whatever).

Anyway, I’m not here to argue on which is better –  subtitles or foreign dubbing – because that’s a matter of opinion and not entirely of facts. I’m just here to talk about some of my favorite seiyuu events that you’ll find on Youtube and anywhere else. Livejournal communities are also a goldmine for that kind of stuff, especially if you’re a member of a community dedicated to one anime.

To be honest, I’m not a seiyuu geek – I can only remember a few names and what names I do remember they’re usually attached to a single role. That’s how bad I am at this. I just like watching them do the voices because sometimes it’s so disorienting to hear that voice and see from which mouth it comes out from. An example would be a boy’s voice done by a female – common in anime, yes, but really weird to see for the first time.

So here are some of my favorite events, not really concerts though.

1. Kuroshitsuji Seiyuu Event

I don’t know when this was but I’ll try to find out sometime. My only comment is that this was so hilarious to watch. What was sorely disappointing though was Maaya Sakamoto’s absence (she voiced Ciel) because she was the lead – she was supposed to be there. And Grell. Oh, Grell. :(

The seiyuu for the first season. Why yes, they're all men. Do you see why I am pleased?

They were all dorks in their own way. Cute dorks, really. And they know how to dish out the fanservice. XD Watch the parts where they switch roles and have to say each other’s lines. It’ll crack you up big time.

Mm, Ono Daisuke. I wish this guy is my husbando.

Suwabe Junichi (Undertaker): "Matte, matte - SHUT UP!"

My favorite men: Ono Daisuke and Suwabe Junichi (Oh, Suwabe-san; you never fail to crack me up). I also like Yusa Kouji (Lau) and Suzuki Tatsuhita (Viscount Druitt). Mostly because the Viscount’s ghei voice cracks me up.

2. Prince of Tennis – Perfect Live

How they come up with the titles for their events (not only the seiyuu ones) amuse me to no end. And the titles for their songs, like in the musical but that’s a different topic – Ore no Bigi ni Boogie Woogie, anyone? >8D

The most that I’ve watched was the introduction of the seiyuu and a few other parts due to the slow loading time and I’m not a patient person. Sadly.

Fangirls are legion. For they are MANY.

Well, they're gathering to see them anyway. If ever I could get to watch them - imma be crowding!

Kikumaru Beam!

On the picture above is Hiroki Takahashi. He voices Eiji Kikumaru. And Kenji Harima from School Rumble. And Jonouchi from Yu-Gi-Oh. It was sort of hard for my brain to process his other roles at first.

And then Katekyo Hitman Reborn came along and he became Squalo. Associate this as Eiji to this as Squalo.

3. Bleach Seiyuu Event 2005

I just love videos with subtitles, don’t you? This is what I think they called a ‘dubbing battle‘ but basically, they just had turns with the scenes and lines.

Kon. Your resident perverted stuffed lion.

Jun Fukuyama as Yumichika. Because he's fabulous.

You'll just have to watch it to hear how hilarious that one line sounded.

4. Rebocon 2010

Yes, Ive saved the best for last. At least what’s best for me. I’ve been raving about Rebocon for the longest time now. Lurking LJ communities to get news about it. I’ve seen the booklet somewhere online and I knew that it would be good.

They’ve upgraded. Really. They actually have costumes and new songs. Although I do miss hearing Reborn’s ‘Cosplay Party‘ and the Lambo/I-pin duet in ‘Gyoza Gyuudon Set no Uta‘. But everything else is really neat. Plus they have Irie and Byakuran too.

The concert took place in three locations – Tokyo, Nagoya and Kobe – and in each location they had specific character guests. Tokyo had Squalo and Lal. Nagoya had Bel and Mammon. Kobe had Lussuria-nee and Levi. I’m having Lussuria withdrawals. I need him in my life. Because he’s fabulous. Lol.

Only the Tokyo concert is uploaded on Youtube so far. I can’t wait for the rest. Even if it means watching some of the same stuff all over again.

Them Reborn seiyuu.

They had a Choice game where some of them get ‘randomly’ selected to sing a ‘randomly’ selected song. Note the word ‘randomly’ because there was no way that was through random selection. XD

My favorites parts would be:

(Right to left) Irie Shoichi with Lambo, I-pin and Chrome as his back-up singers.

Just so you know, Toshiyuki Toyonaga sounds better live.

The various shots of the fangirls with glowsticks.

Also, Ichinose Hidekazu (Gokudera) and Kiuchi Hidenobu (Ryohei) giving Junko Takeuchi (Lambo) and Chiang Li-Mei (I-pin) piggyback rides. And Mukuro and Chrome singing ‘Kufufu no Fu‘ together. Mammon’s song is also strangely good.

That’s about it. Now, excuse me, I shall return to being a bum hermit and continue reading Trinity Blood. :)

Edit: Ack, I forgot the tags and I had to resize the pictures. XD


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  1. Enza-chan says:

    Nice post! Have you seen the Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou? I think that’s their live event. Anyway, I cracked up big time because of TomoSugi and OnoD’s tandem. I love them sfm ♥

    • Mairen-chan says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot about that… Maybe next time. XD
      I only watched it for Ono Daisuke and a ‘Hare Hare Yukai’ live version. ♥
      I love that tandem too. :3

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