Of the Paprika (2006) Movie and Dreams


Some Paprika quotes:

  1. I’m drunk. The fact that I know I’m drunk is proof that I’m sober.
  2. I have many faces. That makes me human!
  3. Don’t you think dreams and the internet are similar? They are both areas where the repressed conscious mind vents.
  4. Science is nothing but a piece of trash before a profound dream.

I was planning to do some really long review on this movie but my self-implemented deadline was pushed too damn far and majority of my reactions are already gone. There’s one thing I could surely say about this movie though: it is weird. Surreality at its finest. Many would disagree with me; I’ve seen many reviews that say otherwise. However, opinions are opinions. There’s no need to bash others simply because it’s their opinion.

Come... join us...

This movie crosses the line between science and dreams. It tells of an invention, dubbed as the DC Mini, that allows a person to vividly see the dreams of other people. It was considered a breakthrough in psychotherapy since the specialists could peer through the subconscious thoughts of their patients. However, somebody steals the DC Minis and deadly events started to occur. One of the higher-ups in the company, whom I shall call Mr. Baldy since I forgot his name and he is indeed bald, wanted to stop the research on the DC Mini. You can see from the quote list above (#4) something Mr. Baldy said. He is against it–the way science is overstepping its boundaries. This made me wonder on this “boundary” implemented on science. You see, I believe that science does have its boundaries. There are many things as of now that science cannot explain, and I have the feeling that it can never fully explain everything. Maybe the answers creates more questions is applicable. I’m not saying that I have no faith in science. I’m actually more of a science than a religious person.:X (I believe in God.:] However, that’s not the topic at hand haha.XD)

Something off-topic but is kind of related >:D : Have you watched the “The Fourth Kind” movie? It also uses dreams as a psychoanalysis tool. They hypnotize their patients into dreaming things that they seem to have forgotten. Creepy movie, by the way. The person that they were interviewing in real life was so damn freaky.(T^T)

Personally, I’m really bothered with my dreams. Sometimes, I dream about some really short but clear moments that will happen in real life some months later. What’s weird is that I remember it clearly even though I forget majority of dreams, and the fact that it really happened in real life. There are some times that I fear that maybe some of my childhood memories are only dreams I had. The uncertainty frightens me–that maybe I cannot already set my dreams and reality apart. Don’t you feel the same way? This feeling is also identical when I have dreams in my dreams: when I fucking want to wake up from a dream, and then I do, but in fact I only think I do, since I’m still actually dreaming! (WAIT, did you understand my babble?) Majority of my nightmares are like that.

This movie grasped that possibility: when you can no longer tell reality from your dreams. I was freaked out because of that (I already said above that it’s one of my fears). The way the movie portrayed it was so weird that I loved it. However, its bizarreness itself also made me hate it at a point: gah, I didn’t understand everything. But maybe that’s what the movie is trying to point across my thick head: that dreams really can’t be understood fully. Oh well. Whatever. Whatever.

No wonder many are afraid of dolls.:|

Oh btw, freaky doll indeed.

Err, some formal review stuff:

  • Animation: izzz wonderful. The colors are really vibrant, and if you look close enough, everything is detailed.
  • Music: the parade’s song is pretty good–it reeks of festivity. Haha, I’m sorry, but that’s the only music I remember in this movie.
  • Characters: This part is going to be messy. Character design is great and everything. The detective looks like Light’s dad from DeathNote! Hahahaha!:)) Believe me.XD The childish inventor of DC Mini, Tokita, is so fat.:| I’m kind of creeped out by him at first, to be honest. Shima is also scary, considering that he went berserk the first time I noticed his presence. Atsuko is so effing hot. I actually like her more than Paprika herself. I’m also going to boast that I already had a bad feeling from Osanai from the start, with all these jealousy bursts that he has. It turns out that he does have a reason to be jealous, Atsuko does love Tokita. Imagine that. (True love, true love.) So that’s why Atsuko is always worried about him!
  • Overall: As expected from this type of films, I was left dumbfounded. <–May or may not be treated positively. 9/10. I think.

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