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A Short *important* Announcement

We, clameryl, catacataca, and I, will be moving shizzaya to its new home and baptizing it with a new name. We thought long and hard for a name that would properly describe us. A name that would *hopefully* make an … Continue reading

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Durarara!! Episode 19 Review

Simon sells Russian sushi. So does that mean Russians swung that pipe before?Hurrhurr.

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Durarara!! Episode 18 Review

KIDA SO KEWL.(>w<) After a few episodes of being too lazy to make a review, I finally gave in to making one today! Why, you may ask. It’s all bcoz of Kida-kuuun.♥ Kida-kun’s my latest source of fangirl energy, you … Continue reading

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Gakuen Ouji Chapter 19 Review

Yey! 50 pages waiting to be read. I desperately need something too cool my head off, and hopefully this would do the trick. Haha. I rarely post (or rather, admit that I read smut) smut manga reviews. In fact, I … Continue reading

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On the reading list…

Since Monday, I have been procrastinating from my org work. Gah! Lightning. Thunder. Bricked. When even your own mother isn’t surprised then it’s completely the norm. Heh. Oh yeah, we pimped the blog! Isn’t it brand spanking new? :D Here … Continue reading

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