Why I heart and not heart FMA

Remembering FMA. Then applauding it. Then criticizing it.

Finally! After taking about one week to finish FMA (the first series), I can now list down stuff that made me ♥and hate it. Of crz, my promise to make a review every ten episodes was broken. I’m really sorry.(;_;) i’m thinking that I should lie low on all those blogging promises. Haha.

Reasons why I love FMA:

1. Major Armstrong’s sparkles. Who knew pink sparkles were that manly? By Major Armstrong, we can say that the “sparkles is gay” theory derived from Edward Cullen’s sparkles is not always true. Major Armstrong’s muscles also speak the truth. Have you noticed that whenever something needs explaining, Major only needs to showcase his muscles and everyone just shuts up? THAT’S THE WAY OF THE MUSCLES.

2. The fight scenes are great but short. Being a person who grew up watching popular shounen anime on local TV channels, I noticed one enveloping trait within their fight scenes: they’re absurdly long. One fight lasts more than two episodes. There’s even this anime where a 30 second countdown takes more than 5 episodes! WTF. What’s more, the main characters and the antagonists take too long to die, or even worse, to get tired. I know that yes, yada yada, they are superhumans or whatever they may be, that their characteristics are out of the grasp of reality, but still. Anyway, even though I complain about these characteristics, I still love ’em anime series, LOL. I just felt refreshed upon watching FMA! It’s just… different. The fight scenes would still make you believe that they are human, even if they are alchemists. One fight scene would not take more than episode, so there is no danger of one feeling bored of it already. What I absolutely loved about it is that we can still see Ed as a human, albeit being a National Alchemist or having metal  parts. He gets tired, he gets beaten up, he even loses. My kind of protagonist; you mah man.:3

3. The protagonist is not all knowing and not goody-goody. Hehe. There are times that I just want to puch Ed in the faez since he’s not being the typical optimistic hero. But what I realized is that is what makes it all believable. There was this scene where he lost hope when he discovered that the creation of the Philosopher’s stone requires human lives. It was then that I realized that Ed is not your cliche “everything will be alright” guy.

4. Alphonse’s human form. HNNNNG he’s so cute! His voice is also so cute!XD

5. Roy Mustang’s owzmness. And the way he snatches Havoc’s lurves without knowing. Haha.

6. The questions that the series throw at us, such as how do you define humanity? Does having an armor as a body remove one from the realm of humanity? Do criminals who killed tons of people mercilessly deserve to be called humans? What about chimeras? What about homonculi? Are they really not humans? If they have no soul, why do they have traces of memories left in them, and why do they want to be humans anyway? I could go on and on…

7. Hughes’ death. No, I am not happified by his death: I cried over it.(;_;) It’s the concept that someone actually died, and was not resurrected.

8. THIS. Why are Ed’s dummies like that? Hahaha.

Reasons why I hate FMA:

1. Not enough Mustang action, if you know what I mean. I was actually waiting for more owzmness from him since I was already expecting a lot from him and his chinky eyes. I was expecting mad intellectual skills.

2. Not enough fanservice. No EdxWinry and MustangxHawkeye lovey-dovey moments? Aww. This is why I shall watch FMAB. Haha.

3. Rose. I just haaaate her.XP

4. That crossing over the real world thing. I don’t know, it was just anticlimactic for me.:| I thought there were monsters on the other side. Haha.

5. My brod said that the first FMA series is very different from the manga. This is another reason why I will watch FMAB.

6. Why did Envy turn into a dragon? Me no comprehendo.:|

Wow, if you read this, thank you! Hehehe.:)) I think I can’t get writing too long out of my system.:|

Aaaannd before I forget, the first picture’s from here. The other pictures’ sources can be reached by clicking the pictures themselves.:3


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