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Completely unrelated but this is my emotions scale for the summer.

Since Monday, I have been procrastinating from my org work. Gah! Lightning. Thunder. Bricked. When even your own mother isn’t surprised then it’s completely the norm. Heh.

Oh yeah, we pimped the blog! Isn’t it brand spanking new? :D

Here are four of the manga I’ve been reading. They’re all shoujo and I am disappoint. My plan was to read Gintama or Soul Eater. Or even One Piece. When has a few hundred or two chapters ever stopped me? Apparently, now. T.T

1. Orange Chocolate, Yamada Nanpei

Out of these manga, this is the one that I don’t like much. The plot is interesting, I give you that: two best friends since childhood exchange bodies because of a wish made in a shrine but the catch is that the switch only happens when they think about wanting to become the other.

The best friends: Chiro (left) and Ritsu (right).

Both of them are dancers; at least, Ritsu is a professional nichibu dancer (known as the ‘Courtesan Prince’) who is beginning to get some of the spotlight while Chiro is very much a clumsy one. This complicates things a bit more whenever they gender-bender.

As the poster shows, here is Ritsu in full costume. I kid you not.

Now I come to the reasons why I’m not liking this so far. One, I’m still trying to like Chiro – yes, she is cute (but what does being cute have to do with character?). Two, the panels are a bit of a headache. Well, mostly in the first chapter. Panels in the following chapters are better. Three, I’m not feeling this. I’m going to try to get past two or three chapters to see if I change my mind.

2. Maniattemasu, Morinaga Ai

Okay, I change my mind. This is what I like the least. I can’t believe that its author is also behind Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Club. Let me show you the plot in two pictures:

I would hunt my parents down and scalp them if they did something like this.


I seriously think this is a gag manga – the girl, Homare, is hopelessly (obsessively) in love with Masamune, the guy wearing glasses, who is more interested in his cat than in her. Apart from that premise, there is little else going on. Storyline is bad and the heroine is terribly annoying. And no, I didn’t finish this – I couldn’t even get past chapter 2. Wait, maybe chapter 1 and then I skimmed through the rest.

There might be some who would be interested in the jokes and gags if you’re looking for quite a few laughs.

3. Warau Kanoko-sama, Tsujita Ririko

Kanoko-sama (right) and her minions. Not.

Well, finally something I like. A bit. I like this one’s plot a lot. Unique in the sense that I haven’t read anything similar yet. Our protagonist, Kanoko, likes to think of herself as an ‘observer’ and never gets involved with other people, keeping to herself while recording all that happens around her in her trusty journal.

Kanoko's life philosophy.

But things changed when she became more and more involved in her classmates’ affairs.

Ah, young love.

But wait, what's this?

The observer is no longer an observer.

Kanoko, in my opinion, is an atypical shoujo lead. Although her choice of activity made her a bit lacking in people skills, she is independent and her personality is strong. If you think about it, she’s comparable to Ouran’s Kyouya with the ‘I-know-all-your-secrets->8D’ stint.

The one thing that I have no clue about is her constant transfer from one school to another in about… every week or so.  She changes schools like you would change clothes. Or maybe shoes. Sure, you can play the ‘it-does-not-apply-because-it’s-fiction’ trump card but really now. I wonder how the author would explain the circumstances behind if she was forced to do so. This one thing has made the storytelling and pacing disjointed, like you’re reading a series of one-shots and there are only two recurring characters (her and the guy with black hair). Everyone else are special guests. :D

There is a sequel but it has no scanlations as of yet.

4. Kamisama Hajimemashita, Suzuki Julietta

The girl and her fox. They both look like girls though. Hurr.

Here is the manga that I like best out of the four. Maybe I should change the numbering so it goes 4, 3, 2, 1 but I don’t roll that way…

Anyway, the plot can be told in a simple manner – dad gambles off money, gets huge debts, disappears, girl gets kicked out of the house, homeless girl meets a strange man, strange man gives her his house (?!), she goes and house turns out to be a shrine, and in the shrine she meets two will-o’-the-wisps and a guy with fox ears. Capiche?

Is having horrible parenting skills a common superpower?

Nanami, the unfortunate female lead, has a good amount of good and bad traits – she can be headstrong and is not naive but she can also be too dependent. Sometimes whiny and lazy. You can say helpless but in a supernatural setting, any ordinary human girl with no powers at all would be. She’s such a riot and some of her actions are really comedic.

Tomoe, the fox familiar who takes care of the shrine, is handsome, proud, and can be very haughty. He greatly disliked Nanami initially because he was well-known powerful familiar and yet he had to serve her when the original owner of the shrine gave it to her. He does appear to be such a softy at heart though.

First meeting: A WILD FOX APPEARS!

I’ve read all 17 chapters available and the plot is really fun and interesting; it progresses from Nanami dealing with Tomoe and Tomoe accepting her to both of them dealing with the other chartacters, some of which are gods or other familiars. The use of Japanese folklore is swell.

Just so you know, the guy on the right tends to look like Gaara from Naruto because of his panda eyes in the manga. XD

Nanami and adorable baby Tomoe. You want know why and how that happens? Read the manga!

I had actually ignored this a few times before but there was something really familiar and when I’ve checked, it was because Suzuki-sensei is also the mangaka for Akuma to Dolce, which I really like despite it having only 9 chapters available. :D

* I’m not going to resize the last picture because it doesn’t look as sweet as it is enlarged… XD


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