Gakuen Ouji Chapter 19 Review

Thanking projectnoir for scantalating this smut goodness :3

Yey! 50 pages waiting to be read. I desperately need something too cool my head off, and hopefully this would do the trick. Haha. I rarely post (or rather, admit that I read smut) smut manga reviews. In fact, I think Gakuen Ouji is the sole and only smut manga that I mentioned ever on my blogs. Haha.:))

Click the the link below to read my rabid fan girl rants. Spoiler alert ofcrz.

I knew it!

Ohmeegosh. Do i see yaoi in my what-I-thought-was-a-straight smut manga?♥ I knew it! I knew that glasses guy is bi, seeing how he’s always paying attention to Akamaru. Haha. Anyway, the cute uke guy above is headed towards disappointment and hurt. An evil guy is an evil guy and that evil guy is Nobunaga aka glasses guy. In every manga, for it to be interesting, there must a villain. The image above is also why SEX is not equal to LOVE, idiots. Thank you for the *interesting* show though, guys who got swindled by glasses guy. Hrrhrr. The baptism ritual and the execution ordeal the school does is really unthinkable in real life, mind you. Do the female students never heard of dating outside their school walls? LOL. Anyway, smut is smut so some explanation must be given. Haha. Anyway, up to now I still support Akamaru!XD


Guys with eyeliner usually cut themselves. Hrrhrr. Okay, that was a joke.=P

Self mutilation whut. Even glasses guy (who is NOT wearing glasses now!) is surprised.

Finally, the bastard whom I call Mizutani says it. He says that:”Even if you go and search space, you won’t find such a fine and marvellous girl as Okitsu.” I mean, he really should be thankful to Okitsu– he’s obnoxious as hell aaand he sells his body for food. WTF. If I was Okitsu I’ll just turn to Akamaru. Hahaha. I told you I vote for him.XD Just look at this! Right?


AMIRITE? Haha. See? Even the glasses guy wants to tap him.
So in this chapter we could see that the student council is not completely in harmony. It looks like vice prez supports Nobunaga’s mischief, while the prez opposes it. The president totally gave off a dark Sunako-like aura after saying this wonderful line: “You were playing with fire and it burned you.” I have the feeling that the next chapters would show more stuff about these two. It looks like the vice president is one of thos characters who look uncannily kind on the outside but crazy inside. His first noticeable appearance is when he had his eyes closed, so owzmness is to be expected. I’m so looking forward to it!♥

The chapter and arc end in a happy note, and we learn that Mizutani has no idea what the carotid artery is. Imagine if he cut through it: this manga would have ended immediately, with Akamaru getting Okitsu. Or, maybe not. Maybe a new love triangle will apear! Nobunaga-Akamaru-Okitsu, with Akamaru in the middle of crz. HAHAHA.:)) That would be a unique love triangle.

Kind of sad that no smutty action happened in this chapter, but kind of glad that arc was over. I’m kind of getting tired of girls chasing Mizutani all over school. Besides, maybe he could just live like Akamaru who’s picky on his sex partners. But then, we’d have no story.(;_;)

All’s well, I guess. I hope more Gakuen Ouji chapters come soon!\(=w=)/


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