A Short *important* Announcement

We, clameryl, catacataca, and I, will be moving shizzaya to its new home and baptizing it with a new name. We thought long and hard for a name that would properly describe us. A name that would *hopefully* make an impact and be remembered. So we came up with….



Oh you’d like to ask us why, I know, so let me tell you. Megane, as you know is one great fetish almost every woman into the anime fandom has. Us having that fetish, however, is not the reason for this name. We wear glasses. All three of us. End of story. As for the pirates part, we’d like to believe we are forever going on adventures, sailing, fighting villains, and gaining treasure during this blogging voyage that we are on. Thus, The Megane Pirates was born. A very small crew of three that likes to procrastinate, fangirl to megane-wearing guys, and squeal in delight at smut shoujo manga. That’s us, your new and improved (WHAT) team of girls that’ll deliver you anime-related news, episode rants, manga reviews, and anything under the big otaku sun! Please continue to support us! Visit our new home at http://meganepirates.com


About Enza-chan

少女 Shoujo ★ オタク Otaku ★ ファンガール Fangirl. Wants to learn Japanese.
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