Some questions and some answers about the blog.

What’s this?
— This is an anime blog. Or something close to that.

How did it come to be?
— This blog here is made possible by the joint effort of Cla-chan and Enza-chan. They are online friends and are both anime/manga/anything Japan enthusiasts. They’ve met over at Tumblr and have decided to take their blogging adventures further. Despite having never met in real life, they’re quite friendly with each other. They’re that amiable!

What will you be blogging about?
— ANIME! Maybe manga and other Japan-related stuff. It depends. But we’ll make sure that the content would be something you’d have fun reading. We’ll also try to provide you with feedback on anime series or manga titles, a few weekly episode rants and reviews, the juiciest and latest anime news. Basically, anything goes!

Why are you doing this?
— We have no idea! But it’s something we like to do in our spare time so we might as well do it all-out!

There could still be more questions out there that should be added here and this page will be updated often to include those. Have fun reading our posts!