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A Short *important* Announcement

We, clameryl, catacataca, and I, will be moving shizzaya to its new home and baptizing it with a new name. We thought long and hard for a name that would properly describe us. A name that would *hopefully* make an … Continue reading

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Why hello,  you must be wondering who this is lurking in your computer screen – I’m Catacataca, it’s nice to meet you too. Clameryl was very nice to ask me to join their duo of anime-spazzing. And Enza’s been very … Continue reading

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holla! :)

i’m the other half!:) clacla/clameryl here. contrary to what my partner (in crime) Enza-chan said, i was not doing something useful such as school stuff a while back. i was actually sleeping. HOHO. that made me feel a little guilty…=P … Continue reading

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Hi there folks! Watashi wa Enza-chan da~ I’m half of this blog… I’m still waiting for the other half to appear ^___^ she’s currently busy with studies I think. Anyway, minna-san yoroshiku onegaishimasu!   We’re still starting out so please … Continue reading

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