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Durarara!! Episode 19 Review

Simon sells Russian sushi. So does that mean Russians swung that pipe before?Hurrhurr. Advertisements

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Durarara!! Episode 18 Review

KIDA SO KEWL.(>w<) After a few episodes of being too lazy to make a review, I finally gave in to making one today! Why, you may ask. It’s all bcoz of Kida-kuuun.♥ Kida-kun’s my latest source of fangirl energy, you … Continue reading

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Why I heart and not heart FMA

Finally! After taking about one week to finish FMA (the first series), I can now list down stuff that made me ♥and hate it.

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Catching Up!: B Gata H Kei

I am so behind the times, really. I haven’t watched most of the Spring titles since I got busy with work. I might drop some of them eventually but for now, I have to catch up with them before my … Continue reading

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Kamen No Maid Guy

I finally found the drive to write this review!:3 Honestly, I’ve been stalling writing it for days.(=w=) In fact, I have been already stalling for one whole week, seeing that this is the first series I finished from the Glorious … Continue reading

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