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Durarara!! Episode 19 Review

Simon sells Russian sushi. So does that mean Russians swung that pipe before?Hurrhurr. Advertisements

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Durarara!! Episode 18 Review

KIDA SO KEWL.(>w<) After a few episodes of being too lazy to make a review, I finally gave in to making one today! Why, you may ask. It’s all bcoz of Kida-kuuun.♥ Kida-kun’s my latest source of fangirl energy, you … Continue reading

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Durararant! 10: DOLLARS’ leader

“Only the people who ask should have the right to know.”

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Durara-rabu♥: The Mystery of the Bartender Outfit

is finally solved! why does Shizuo always wear a bartender outfit? isn’t he already fired from his bartending job? does he love his bartending job that much? does he miss it sooo much that he decided to wear his bartending … Continue reading

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Durararant!! 07 – Shizu-rrific!

Time for some Durararant!! Because episode 7 was simply Shizu-rrific! ♥ WARNING: Contains rabid, unrestrained fangirling. I was possessed while I was typing ;A;

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