Why I heart and not heart FMA

Remembering FMA. Then applauding it. Then criticizing it.

Finally! After taking about one week to finish FMA (the first series), I can now list down stuff that made me ♥and hate it. Continue reading

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Of the Paprika (2006) Movie and Dreams


Some Paprika quotes:

  1. I’m drunk. The fact that I know I’m drunk is proof that I’m sober.
  2. I have many faces. That makes me human!
  3. Don’t you think dreams and the internet are similar? They are both areas where the repressed conscious mind vents.
  4. Science is nothing but a piece of trash before a profound dream.

I was planning to do some really long review on this movie but my self-implemented deadline was pushed too damn far and majority of my reactions are already gone. Continue reading

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Catching Up!: B Gata H Kei


I am so behind the times, really. I haven’t watched most of the Spring titles since I got busy with work. I might drop some of them eventually but for now, I have to catch up with them before my monthly anime stat post is due. First up we have: B Gata H Kei!

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Seiyuu are badass

I honestly think that without the distinct voices behind them, the characters in an anime would be nothing – the personality of a character shows in how he/she sounds when speaking. I’m so fascinated by the entire seiyuu industry and I really admire them seiyuu because they do their jobs so well. This is also the reason why I don’t care for foreign dubbing in all its half-assed glory (although there are a few good anime dubs out there but they’re rare so whatever).

Anyway, I’m not here to argue on which is better –  subtitles or foreign dubbing – because that’s a matter of opinion and not entirely of facts. I’m just here to talk about some of my favorite seiyuu events that you’ll find on Youtube and anywhere else. Livejournal communities are also a goldmine for that kind of stuff, especially if you’re a member of a community dedicated to one anime.

To be honest, I’m not a seiyuu geek – I can only remember a few names and what names I do remember they’re usually attached to a single role. That’s how bad I am at this. I just like watching them do the voices because sometimes it’s so disorienting to hear that voice and see from which mouth it comes out from. An example would be a boy’s voice done by a female – common in anime, yes, but really weird to see for the first time.

So here are some of my favorite events, not really concerts though.

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The Adventures of Enza-chan, the New-born Fujoshi!


I’m lying. I’m not exactly a new-born fujoshi but I definitely feel renewed and born again after going to that Yaoi Convention. That’s their poster right there.

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