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On the reading list…

Since Monday, I have been procrastinating from my org work. Gah! Lightning. Thunder. Bricked. When even your own mother isn’t surprised then it’s completely the norm. Heh. Oh yeah, we pimped the blog! Isn’t it brand spanking new? :D Here … Continue reading

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Oresama Teacher

Oh dear, where do I start with Oresama Teacher? There’s so much that I’d like to say about it but I can’t seem to gather my thoughts. This manga is by Tsubaki Izumi, who also wrote Oyayubi kara Romance (Romance … Continue reading

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Paradise Kiss [backtrack/copy-pasta]

So I’ve finished reading Paradise Kiss by Yazawa Ai and thought that it’s a ridiculously good manga. Usually, when it comes to romance genres, you would find all the typical cliches and stereotypes present in just about every story. Although … Continue reading

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Nageku Shinigami [backtrack]

I used to be manga downloads drone who stalked lurked Aerandria. Mostly, I downloaded tons of the one-shots they had because they’re easier to read. Nageku Shinigami by Miyuki Mitsubachi is Exhibit A. I don’t anything else about the author, … Continue reading

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